Ven Racing–European Finals, Santa Pod 4th – 6th September

European Finals, Santa Pod 4th – 6th September

After struggling with engine problems and failures this season we decided to sit the European round at Hockenheim out and concentrate on getting engines rebuilt and solving the issues we have had ahead of the euro finals. I was also waiting for a new full auto engine from DME Racing to arrive.

We both were booked in for the pre race test day, Jemma managed 2 passes in the mid 7s, the bike sounded great and the data showed it was running clean. I did 1 pass in the 7.3s and again everything seemed good but then rain stopped anymore testing.

Thursday morning we made the decision to run the new motor we had received from DME.

Friday saw us get 2 qualifiers, I ended up at no4 with a 7.26 @ 190mph and Jemma was 11th with a 7.60 @ 180, I was getting to grips with the auto box and Jemma was pulling wheelies of the line.

After tuning Jemmas bike, Saturday qualifying 3 saw her with a 7.33 @ 188mph and I with a 708 @ 201. The last qualifying session saw everyone hoping to see the 1st 6 second pass outside of America, the track was great and the weather conditions perfect, there were 6 people hoping they’d be able to be the 1st to do it. I was paired against Jemma in the session and behind me were the 2 favourites to run a 6. Jemma pulled a 1.22 60ft to my 1.24, but then my bike ran the perfect pass, running a 6.950 @ 212.84mph. Words cannot describe how I felt.

Sunday and eliminations, I won my 1st round with a 7.02 @ 208, Jemma won hers with a7.40 @ 184, she seemed to be having problems with spinning on the latter part of her runs. 2nd round saw Jemma knocked out by Garry Bowe who I went on to meet in the final after running 7.00 and 7.02. The final saw me take the win with a 7.04, and setting new European et and speed records of 6.950 and 209mph.

We were having problems with the bike between 3rd and 4th gears and believe without this we would have seen more 6s, we are hoping that this is now solved, overall we are really pleased with how the bikes are performing and finally feel that all the hard work is paying off, and a massive thank you to Andy at DME Racing for all his help.

Our next round is at Santa Pod for the National Finals 19th-20th September.

Our record breaking 6 second pass wouldn’t have been possible without the help of: