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DIYAutoTune’s 240SX Land Speed Car Breaks World Record-

DIYAutoTune’s 240SX Land Speed Car Breaks World Record-

I just wanted to personally take a quick moment to thank you for your support in the building/campaigning of my Land Speed Car project.  As I promised when first speaking to your company about this project, we have just this week landed our first Land Speed Record, which I’m sure will be the first of many. 

On the car’s second time out, this past weekend at the Wilmington ‘Ohio Mile’ sanctioned by the ECTA, we stepped up a 165.25mph record all the way to 177.09mph!  The car ran amazingly well, and the ARP fasteners that Ball Engines (Lilburn, GA) used in our motor did their job perfectly.  We’re running your stuff all the way through the motor, rods/mains, and Custom Aged 625+ head studs.  Thank you for your support, and we’ll keep you posted as we continue to chase record after record.

Plans for the future
While the car ran perfectly, it could have driven a bit straighter at speed and we were traction limited on putting the power down.  First order of business right now is to dial in the suspension, fit wider tires, and if time permits, visit a wind tunnel.  If we can hook this car up better and actually use the throttle a little bit (I averaged about 33% throttle on this record run due to traction limitations) then we should be able to step this record up to 200mph in July, or more!  That would be amazing for this class in a standing mile– the old Maxton record, after 16yrs, was 140mph.  We just killed that, and 200mph will annihilate it.  And I think we can do it.

The next outing for the car will be July 12th-13th, also in Wilmington, Ohio at the Ohio Mile.  200+mph is the goal to step up our own record in F/BGC.

Following that, we’ll be going to the Bonneville Salt Flats August 9th-15th for Speedweek.  This is ‘the big show’.  Current F/BGC record there is 207mph.  I have to license up there, and then I’ll have 5 miles to get up to speed.  If the salt is in good shape and the traction is there, I have a high chance of taking that record as well.