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Malmgrens start of 2019 FIA European drag racing Championship Pro stock

We are pleased to inform that we where the fastest Pro stock car all weekend long, and offcourse low Qualifyer with new PB ( even if air was not so good) with 6,573-210mph , Jimmy Ålund second with 6,578-211 and Bengt Ljungdahl 3:rd with 6,61-208
We went to Final round and in Finals raced Jimmy Ålund and had him at 330 ft clock but my wheeliebar broke at hit and get stucked under car and made car to act funny and pushed my close to wall in 3:rd gear and I had to lift , sucks as I was ahead , knocked 4 hundreds on tree on him so a 6,663 and faster would have done it. But we are very pleased still with runner up and a killer performance in our Gray power plant, well done Paul , Steve and Mike at Gray engine shop.

Malmgren Season WrapUp

Season is over and it didnt end as we had expected, but still not too bad. We missed nr 2 spot with 1 point or 0.005 sec.
We needed to qualify nr 2 and we was after first day but got clutchproblem Saturday when track got better and lost that spot to Ernryd ( nr 2 overall) with 0.005 sec and that was the 1 point we needed to claim nr 2 spot.
We really never had a shot at nr 1 after our failer at Tierp first round.
We beat Ernryd in semi and if we would win finals that would also put us at nr 2 , But we tryed to hard against Ljungdahl and shook. He run 6,66, but qualifyed at 6,61 compare to our 6,64.
We really never made a good run this weekend.
Good side is that we now have a lot of data at all tracks with our new Gray power under the hood, way diffrent to drive/ tune then our old Bob Ingles engine.
But hey we have been in finals twice this year, fastest car at many races, so we have for sure made a good move closer to the top.
Now we need to go over our clutches totally, service engine, see where we did fail and make sure it aint gone happen again.
Again concider the competition nr 3 is OK but we had set our goal higher, and we just need to work harder next year
Hope for your support off course also in 2019 and I hope to be abel to see you all at PRI
Mike Malmgren

Race Report Malmgren Pro Stock racing

Its has been a tuff 2 weeks with 2 races back to back, at Hochheim we where fastest car every run ( only the top 4 cars came to this long distance race) but on raceday track went super hot over 130 and we just over powered it, even if we tryed to leave low and run it safe, we spun like crazy of line with only 1.03 60ft, against Norens 1.00, we had almost identical reaction time within 0.006 sec and I catsch it all up at stripe, so we are not missing any power that is for sure, but we needed another 10 ft lengh track and we would have made it, we where 0.005 behind at stripe but ahead at speed trapp. So that was a bummer. Continue reading Race Report Malmgren Pro Stock racing

Update from Michael Malmgren

I am very proud to inform that this weekend we went all the way, running faster and faster every run , and at the end of the day we where the winner.
We started of Friday with nr 2 qualifyer with 6,595, missing nr 1 spot with 3 thousands, my mistake as I klicked it to early. On Saturday we ran about the same but Lindström with Allen Jonsson engines ran 6,58 and Ernryd with also Allen Jonsson ( same engine that won Pomona as last carburated race in Pro stock) run 6,56 and both Bengt Ljungdahl ( gray power) and Jimmy Ålund ( KB power) run 6,54 so we ended up nr 5 qualifyer which we where not pleased with. Continue reading Update from Michael Malmgren