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Dirt Knights on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Auto racing is the most popular spectator sport in America, and the hottest spectator sport in the world is hottest in the dirt.

With no less than 20,000 men and women competing nationwide on any given weekend, the open-wheel dirt modified is by far the most popular and most widely-used style of race car circling America’s dirt tracks today.

And on Sunday nights, racing fans around the world will have the best seat in the house – the one in their living room.

The long-awaited debut of Dirt Knights – the dirt track racing docu-drama television series –  appeared Sunday night at 6 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Central on the VERSUS cable network, with a relay on thursdays at 4:00pm central, the resonse has been INCREDIBLE!

Dirt Knights is an on-going dramatic series of one-hour programs that will air twice a week for 13 weeks with each episode reaching more than 75 million households.

VERSUS is the fastest growing cable sports network in the nation, is broadcast in high-definition and can be seen nationally on DirecTV (channel 603), Dish Network (channel 151) and regionally on most cable systems, including Mediacom and Time Warner.

For the first time on television, the high-octane lifestyle of the tireless touring titans behind the wheel of a USMTS Modified will be revealed as Dirt Knights captures the on- and off-track excitement at more than two dozen events, including every race during the Hunt for the USMTS National Championship.

As thrilling as these drivers’ lives are on the track, the life they lead off the track is just as intense. They eat dirt and drive hard late into the evening then try to unwind the only way they know how: at 100 mph. An all-night road trip follows and, if they’re lucky, a couple hours of sleep before they reach the next patch of dirt.

For the first time, that high-octane lifestyle will be revealed in high definition.

USMTS drivers Corey Dripps, Ryan Gustin, Al Hejna, Dereck Ramirez, Mike Spaulding and Jon Tesch are the Dirt Knights. While life has taken them in unique directions, all of them have one thing in common: a hunger for the checkered flag. Night after night from town to town, the Knights seek out a life of danger and on-the-edge-thrills.

“This is a project that has been in the works for more than two years now,” said Dripps. “For some, racing is a hobby and for others it’s how we make our living, but either way, we all love and respect this sport. We hope that people will tune in and be entertained, but at the same time we want to convey what the racing life is really all about.”

The life of an American dirt track racer is not one that many could endure, but for the Dirt Knights it’s the only life worth living, and through the Dirt Knights television series on VERSUS, we all get to go along for the wild ride.

Filming of Dirt Knights began in June and continued through September, capturing the action as the drivers battle in the Hunt for the USMTS National Championship.

“We’re going to be an excellent addition to their Sunday night schedule of programming,” said Spaulding. “It’s the perfect time for the millions of dirt track racers and fans to tune in and catch our unique brand of hard-charging, dirt track racing. And it wouldn’t be the Dirt Knights without a little good old-fashioned off-track antics.

“We couldn’t be more excited than to have the opportunity to work with VERSUS,” said Dirt Knights’ Mike Spaulding. “They are the leader in action sports coverage and have done a fantastic job covering the Izod IndyCar Series.”

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