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Nitrous Express Top Diesel Drag Racing sold to Hamilton Cams

Today it was announced that Mike Wood
Racing, Inc and Hamilton Cams have entered into an agreement where
Hamilton Cams will purchase the entire Nitrous Express Sponsored Top
Diesel drag racing operation. This car, along with driver Emily Herod,
won the NHRDA Top Diesel World Championship in 2011.

 Mike Wood stated: “As some of you may know I
was recently injured in an off-road motorcycle accident that will
take months if not years to recuperate from. Zach has generously offered to help in my quest to advance the sport of diesel drag racing”.

 Zach Hamilton stated: “The car will remain much the same with one major difference, the bright red car will now be powered by a 12 valve Cummins engine. This will highlight Hamilton Cam’s highly advanced, proprietary Cummins 12 valve cylinder head and camshaft technology”.

The car will retain many if not all of its current sponsors including Nitrous Express, Inc.

Contratulations to Emily Herod and Nitrous Express!

Emily Herod Driver of the Nitrous Express Dragster had her sights set upon becoming the next World Champion early in 2011.  Emily and team traveled up from Texas to the FASS Nationals at Indianapolis in June to debut the car and they won the event.
Soon after Indy they  began preparations and testing  for the World Finals in September and her quest to become World Champion.
Mike Woods owner of Nitrous Express was on hand at Heartland Park and was very excited to see his team blow away the competition by running a 8.13Et at 173.70mph
I have been on cloud nine since last Saturday! Of course I would never have gotten there without God. Mike Wood and the entire Nitrous Express crew have worked their butts off preparing the car for every race and I want to give them a big thanks for that! I have had so much fun racing that car this year and winning the World Championship put icing on the cake. I met and raced great people at the events,  
everyone was friendly to me and my family. We are looking forward to next year and maybe we can pull off another championship. Thanks to the NHRDA for great hospitality and putting on great events and races !
Emily Herod
2011 Top Diesel World Champion

Nitrous Xpress World Champion!

It seems like only yesterday that the NHRDA season began, but here it is already September and the season is over!  The good news is that your support was not wasted; we are the NHRDA Top Diesel World Champions!  
Emily’s driving skills and a lot of luck landed us in the winner’s circle this weekend at the World Finals in Topeka, Kansas.  We had some pretty stiff competition when Dan Scheid showed up with the worlds quickest and fastest Top Diesel dragster as well as John Robinson’s Cummins powered Funny Car.  We were lucky enough to qualify #1 when Sheid’s dragster experienced waste gate problems on his first qualifying pass and was shut off with engine problems after his burnout on his last qualifier.  Robinson’s funny car exploded a turbo charger on his first qualifying pass and was not able to return to competition.   Matt Handwork in the Bone Shaker Altered put on an excellent show for the crowd as did all of the competitors.   It rained both days and cut qualifying to only two passes.
After struggling with rain, an uncooperative injector and a finicky dual fuel pump tune up we were finally able to battle our way to the finals facing the Bone Shaker altered.  We had experienced several engine backfires in the burnout so we decided to forgo the burnout ritual in the finals and just get the car staged and hope for the best.  When the tree dropped Emily cut her best light yet in the NX dragster and never looked back as Matt experienced trouble at mid track and was forced to shut off.  Our 8.13 ET was a big disappointment but it was good enough to clinch the World Championship!
 Our racing season is far from over however.  We still will attend the remaining NADM events in Columbus OH, Denton, TX and Orlando FL.  Plus we are going to try to set a new land speed record in the standing mile in late October at THE TEXAS MILE event in Beeville TX.  That’s right, a LSR in the Nitrous Express diesel powered dragster.  We have it geared to run over 275mph so all we need now is some open space and a little luck!