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CPL Racing Starts the Year on 3 Cylinders!

Sun 22nd March saw the first round of the FWD Drag Series Championship 2015 at Santa Pod Raceway. As this was the first time out after the long winter break, we made a ‘check out’ pass on Saturday – just to ensure that the freshly rebuilt CPL Racing Honda Civic had no issues. All was as it should be so things were looking good for the following day.

The whole team were up early on Sunday morning for scrutineering, but after returning to the pits , we had dramas as the engine would not start! With the first qualifying round approaching, the whole team checked and tried just about every variable, but unfortunately we missed the first round. Soon after we did manage to fire up the engine, but only on three cylinders! The call for the second qualifier came, so we could do nothing more except go out and run ‘as is’ on just three cylinders.

On the third qualifier, although still on three cylinders, we had managed to secure the No. 2 qualifying spot. So all was not lost. Despite continuing to search the car for clues as to why we couldn’t get the 4th cylinder to run, we were left scratching our heads. So in the elimination rounds our only chance was to use lightning quick reactions to get out in front early in the run, as the still misfiring car was losing power at the top end of the track. We managed the car right through until the final round in this state! At the end of the meeting Guy went to the startline to receive a trophy for the weekends effort and also received a new nickname from the other competitors, ‘Three Pot Guy’ the only person to make the final round with only three cylinders!

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