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Austin Prock Season Wrap Up

Austin Prock Racing 2013 Season Update

Finished 7th in STARS points due to missing 3 races after blowing up the engine.

Won the most races in the STARS series.

• Week 1: Qual,-6th , Heat-3rd, Feat.-1st
• Week 2: Qual.-2nd, Heat-3rd, Feat.- DNF Blew up running 2nd
• Week 3: Qual.-3rd, Heat-DNF Battery failure, Feat.-2nd
• Week 4: Qual.-DNQ, Heat- 7th, Feat.-12th Spun in 5th from 17th
• Week 5: Qual.-13th, Heat-6th, Feat.-13th Spun running 5th from 12th. 
• Week 6: Qual.-7th, Heat-3rd, Feat.-1st
• Week 7: Qual.-2nd, Heat-2nd, Feat.-1st
• Week 8: Qual.-3rd, Heat-3rd, Feat.-7th Spun passing for 2nd
• Week 9: Qual.-4th, Heat-1st, Feat.-1st
• Week 10: Qual.-11th, Heat-7th Spun running 2nd, Feat.-13th Spun running 7th from 14th