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Rad Dan Burkett Update


Dan brought the heat in Florida! The level of competition in Formula Drift has continued to set the bar high and develop the best of drivers from all around the world. Dan battled against seasoned driver, Dai Yoshihara. The two put on a great show for the audience but Dan was not able to hold as close proximity and was eliminated in Top 32 against Dai.

The team is already headed to Road Atlanta NEXT WEEK! Dan loves nothing more than really opening up the Supra at Road Atlanta, we are looking forward to another successful round as Dan continues to get points and gain competition seat time with the best of them.

Thank you to all our partners that have each been involved in keeping Dan’s program moving all over the country for this one of a kind series of Formula Drift!

RACE REPORT, Round 7: Rad Dan Burkett 2018 


We have seen Rad Dan getting closer and closer to becoming the driver he strives to be. Texas was a great display of Dan’s competitive edge as he persevered through the technical course. We are fortunate to be put to the test as Driver and Team at some of the highest levels of competition that Formula Drift offers. Every detail counts and we strongly believe this will only produce some of the best drifting in the world! Continue reading RACE REPORT, Round 7: Rad Dan Burkett 2018 

Race Report : “RAD DAN” BURKETT ROUND 6, Formula Drift [ST. LOUIS, ILLINOIS]

We were thrilled to be at Gateway Motorsports Park, this was a new track introduced into the Formula Drift series just this year. The track layout was intimidating to say the least because of the length and speeds that it allowed for drivers to burn through their tires in no time.

The entertaining layout was made possible thanks to the technology applied to pro competition drift cars nowadays! With the right applications and set ups, we discovered a sweet spot with the Supra. With much patience, the team felt a victory in the knowledge we gained in this round and we only see things moving up from here!

Thank you for your continuous support, we are very excited to work with each of our partners as Dan’s race program continues to grow.

We will make our way to Texas Motor Speedway 1 Month From Now!

Rad Dan Burkett ROUND 5, Formula Drift [SEATTLE, WASHINGTON]


The Supra has improved more and more each round and the car has evolved offering more to learn for each track of the Formula Drift circuit! The beast of a bank at Evergreen Speedway had Dan and the team working on finding the best settings to keep the car responsive to Dan on the long bank.

The pressure was on as drivers are capped at 12 practice laps before qualifying, we did our best with the data we had within this time but unfortunately the car wanted more from us when in chase position. We have acquired such beneficial track data from this event that will allow the team to get an accurate setup for Evergreen Speedway next year!

Thank you for your continuous support, we are very excited to work with each of our partners as Dan’s race program continues to grow.

We will be off to Gateway Motorsports Park in
St. Louis, Missouri in two short weeks!

Race Report : “RAD DAN” BURKETT ROUND 4, Formula Drift [WALL, NEW JERSEY]

We are officially halfway through this race season finishing off Round 4 out of 8. Dan continues to steadily progress his driving skills and happily take on new challenges that each track has to offer! New Jersey presented the most unpredictable weather conditions so far with wet and dry patches during practice and qualifying, but Dan persevered and still managed to qualify keeping points on the charts.

Dan put on a good show in Top 32 really committing to his runs with three time Champion, Chris Forsberg. However, we did not advance into Top 16. We can’t emphasize enough how valuable this year has been for us maturing as a team and understanding the level of competition we get to participate alongside with in this one of a kind series! Thank you for your support and the opportunity to promote your brands through Dan’s drifting career. We have seen now more than ever just how much the fans are enjoying seeing Dan and the Supra out on the track!

Be sure to check in on Dan’s latest activities at our Race Shop and Formula Drift through our YouTube channel