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Tim Allison Update

Last weekend we were at Waynesfield Raceway Park with the All Stars Speed Week show and the temps were pushing close to the 100 degree mark. There were about 80 winged cars and the track started out nice and then went down hill and laid rubber and no passing and follow the leader racing, not good for the racer or the fans. We qualified 9th quick and ran 4th in the heat and started 12th in the feature and finished 13th and burnt up 3 new tires 🙁

The week before that we rained out and mother nature won that night. The weather has been a little crazy this year.

The week before that we were at Lima Land Motorsports park for the annual run for the rabbit race. We had all the body panels and wings on our car in tribute to my buddy that passed away 18yrs ago in a motorcycle accident. The track was wide open all night long with not much passing. We qualified 13th quick and ran 5th in our heat race and started 14th in the feature. It went non stop and we finished in the 9th position. We had a good car just started back too far
the race before that we were at Fremont Speedway for an all sprint car show and we had over a 100 sprints on that night, we was fast in practice and when we qualified the driver goofed up and we did not qualify very well, we ran 5th in the heat race and started 14th in the feature and we were super fast and came from 14th to finish 4th in the end and was battling for 2nd and 3rd at the end ,again we had a great car but just started back to far again because of our bad qualifing effort

The race before that we were at Lima Land Motorsports Park and drew toward the end to qualify and did not do well and boy was the track slick dry and dusty, but we ran 4th in the heat and started 11th in the feature and the track the worst anyone had seen in years and was super dry and dusty and could not see very well and finished 13th in the end with no passing with anyone that night

So with that being said, I got most of everything up to date and we need to improve on our qualifying effort so we can get a better starting spot when it comes feature time. This week we are off with no racing and then we have 3 nights of racing coming up.

Tim Allison Update

hello and good day to you, hope all is well and business is good despite the terrible spring weather that we have been having, mother nature just does want to cooperate and stay nice and warm, but our first race we got rained out, well not really rained out but the track grounds was way to wet to park everybody so we got canceled, our first race was Eldora speedway and we had a good car count and drew toward the end to qualify and id time in well,but we started in the first heat in the 8th position and missed the transfer by one spot so we had to run the b main and we started on the front row and led most of that but finished in 2nd, that put us starting the 17th position for the feature and worked our way up to 10and the track was rough and the mud came on broke the zip ties holding the rock screen on and fell down and shut the engine off and we lost about 4 spots when that happened and worked our way back to finish 12th in the feature

our next race was lima land motorsports park and with nice weather finally and another good car count, we qualified 2nd quick over all and we started in the 4th spot in the heat race and finished 3rd, that put us starting in the 8th position for the feature and after 4 starts and a caution we ended up finishing in the 5th position when it was all said and done, so not to bad for the start of the year, the car looks good and runs good and will follow up with another update shortly, till then I thank you so much for your continued help and support and hope to see ya at the races, have a great day , thanks tim

Tim Allison Update

This past weekend was a two weekend and a visit to Montpilier Indiana for our first race at their speedway and was a co-sanctioned race. Like everyone one else we drive all the way over and the weather was 0 percent of rain and guess what, we got there unloaded and fired up the car and just got ready to hot lap and the skies opened up and was a complete down pour and flooded everything and mother nature won again. What a disappointment.

Sunday we were at Waynesfield Raceway and were going to run along with the All Star Circuit of Champions speed week show which would have been a great all sprint car show and guess what the sun came out and never guess what happen next?? we drove over only to have the same thing happen again as the skies opened up as we was in line to get in the pits and the rain hit again so bad and flooded the track and we got rained out again:( ,, mother nature has not been nice at all,
this week the car will be on display at the buffalo wild wings car show in lima ohio as we are off this week and then the following week we have a mini speed week with 4 days of racing in a row “) , lest hope mother nature will not ruin that , so till our next update i thank you for all your help and support and pray for sunshine as it is hurting all racing all across the united states lately, ,have a great day!! thanks again, tim

Tim Allison Update

The past 2 weekends we have been fighting the weather but we did get to races in in the last 2 weeks, we ran lima land motorsports and finished 3rd in our heat and that got us qualified for the feature and started 13th in the feature and ended up finishing in the 9h position with not much passing but at least we moved forward,

then we was off to Waynesfield raceway and after having 6 inches rain through the week we all thought the track would be super fast but was we wrong, after hot laps the track was throwing up dust ,no body could believe that and we drew mid pack to qualify and the driver really messed up in qualifying and end up 3 from the end, so we dug ourselves a big hole, we started dead last in the heat race and we ran 4th and transferred to the feature and would start 13th in the feature and got up to 8th and finished in the 8th position and not bad for digging ourselves a hole from the beginning and rallied back
we are off this coming week and back at it on june 18th at montpilier speedway on Saturday and the best show around on june19th and back at Waynesfield raceway for the kick off of the 410 speed week and it will be an all sprint car show!!!!! a must see event on a tight little bull ring race track, so till then have a great day and thanks for all your help and continued support, thanks tim

Tim Allison Checks In

This past weekend was our first race out for the 2017 season and the weather was great! We had 24 cars on opening night and the track was super fast. We drew lucky 21 to qualify in group 5 and we qualified 2nd quick and then the scoring system decided to quit working so we had to go back to the old pill draw method again. So instead of staring up front on a fast race track, we would start 5th in the first heat race and with a wide open track and no passing hardly, we finished 6th in our heat race.
So for the feature we would start in the 13th position with a lot of work cut out to get to the front.On a fast track the initial start was great as we came out running 6th and wouldn’t you know it, a guy stopped on the track and we had a total restart. The second restart did not go as well and we worked our way up to the 7th position toward the end of the race. We ended up 9th when it was all said and done, so not bad. We went forward and brought the car home in one piece for the first night out. We will improve this week coming up and we will be at Limaland Motorsports Park on Friday night! !
thank you so much for all your continued help and support!! have a great day!

Tim Allison Racing

The race season is just a few weeks away! I’m just letting everyone know that this weekend at the Allen County Fairgrounds is our annual Race Expo- a great time to come out and check out all the race cars up close and talk with the drivers and crew members.

The doors will open Friday at noon until 10:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. There is food and refreshment along with prizes to win also. For kids also on Saturday from 2 to 4 there will be a magician on hand along with a clown and free balloons and face painting for the kids to enjoy.
This is a great time for the whole family and also you can try your hand at driving one of the many race car simulators.

I will have my race on display also. The car is all looking good and ready to go for the new season to start! Opening day is April 17th at LimaLand Motorsports Park.

We are proud to have a few new sponsors come on board this year and are really excited to have them join our team for the 2015 race season. One of our new sponsors for 2015 is Ottawa Ordnance Firearms and Accessories. You can check them out at Please stop by and see Darrin or Cindy Verhoof and check out their store as you will be impressed.

Another new sponsor for 2015 is Midwest Mechanical Services. I’m very excited to have them come on board also, they specialize in heating, cooling and plumbing. There is no job that they can’t handle. This company can do anything from snow removal. tear downs, clean up, stump removal,remodeling or just about anything that you can think of. Just give Rick Lyons a call at 419-233-3760 or Paul 419-996-9283 or send Paul an email at

Another sponsor that has been with me before and has come back is A&A Manufacturing, a long time business that offers brackets, tabs, gussets, and accessories for many different applications and can also make anything from a bracket to a spacer or anything that you might need in any quantity, so check them out on the web at or give Jim a call at 1-800-473-1730

Tim Allison Update

This weekend was another 2 days of racing Friday and Saturday.  The weather was great again!  Friday night we were at Limaland Motorsports Park.  We drew dead last for the heat and ended up finishing 3rd which qualified us for the feature with the inversion of the draw that put us starting in the starting 9th position.  The race went non-stop and we ended up finishing 7th in the end.
Saturday night we went over to Indiana to Montpelier Speedway for the first time in 15 years and the first time the sprint cars have been back at the track in many years.  We started in the 2nd heat and finished 2nd and that got us qualified for the feature again.  With the inversion for the feature we started 5th and the race went non stop again and we fell back to 9th at the start but came on like gang busters at the end and got very close to the leaders.  We ended up finishing in the 5th position as the laps wound down, again another great solid night and a good finish and we have now moved into the 5th position in points.

Tim Allison Checks In

This past weekend we were at Limaland Motorsports Park on Friday night and the weather was gorgeous again.  We got our spare motor in and were ready to go for another great night. 
We drew dead last in the heat race and began passing cars but after 2 laps we ended up getting upside down and  had a dnf for the heat race.

We had to put on new wings, new rear arms, new torque tube and just made the call for the feature.  We would be again starting dead last in the feature. Tthe race  went 25 laps of non stop racing and we came from dead last to finish 7th in the feature, not bad for everything that we went through to get the car ready for the feature!  The spare motor runs good but nothing like the new motor that we had a week ago. 

This week we will have 2 nights of racing and we will be back at Limaland Motorsports Park  Friday night and then off to Montpelier speedway for our first visit in about 15 years since they  last raced sprint cars at that track.

Tim Allison Racing–Season Wrapup

This past weekend the season finally came to end for the 2013 race season for us.  We installed a fresh motor for the weekend and the motor ran really well.
Friday night we were at Waynesfield Raceway with great weather and great car counts with over 100 cars in the pits. We had a good draw and started on the front row of heat race one and finished 2nd on a lighting fast race track turning in the 10 second bracket which is awesome fast for the little 1/4 track
We qualified for the trophy dash and started 3rd in the dash and we finished 3rd in the trophy dash and that would put us starting 3rd for the 25 lap feature.  When the checkered flag fell at the end of night we ended up finishing in the 9th position as we adjusted on the car and had it to tight and the car did not want to rotate through the corners, not what we had expected but again the motor ran great and we just missed the set up a little, but still a great finish!
Saturday night we were off to Eldora Speedway for the final race of the year.  Again hoping for a great finish as when we was there in July.  We broke a motor, Ouch!!!
On this night there were over 120 race cars in the pits, so for practice we drew dead last, but we do get to quality so we would qualify at the end.  We were able to qualify 10th quick and that was not bad for going out dead last.  That put us starting 4th in the 2nd heat race and we went on to win the heat race which felt great!

That got us qualified for the feature and with the inversion we would start off in the 5th row starting 10th for the 25 lap main and were hoping for a great finish again.
The race went really good as we made it to 5th at one point and back to 15th at another , but in the end we ended up finishing 10th overall and the car and motor were in one piece.  Not what we expected after the great qualifying effort and heat race win, but we will take it and move on toward 2014. 

So for 2013 it maybe wasn’t the best season but overall not bad as we ended up finishing  4th place in one point series and 7th in the other series that we run in and we will go the banquet this weekend and get our trophies and point fund money and move on. 

We look forward to 2014 as we close this season out this weekend.
for 2014 we will staring off with a brand new motor which should have been done this year but did not get done as my engine builder was really super busy,so we are excited about the new engine as we are planning on picking up about another 40hp with the new motor which will be awesome along with a fresh race car!!!!!

Tim Allison- Travis Memorial Race

This past weekend was the annual Travis Memorial Race and was the 13th year for it.  Travis was a great racer and friend and a hometown favorite who lost his life 2 miles from his house in a freak motorcycle accident with a small deer.  We dedicated our car for this special night which has never been done before. We duplicated what his car was painted like when he raced his last race and we changed our number to his number and dedicated the whole car in his memory,
At the end of the night we had a silent auction and auctioned off all the body parts of the car including the top and front wing, the right and left arm guard and the complete hood.  We raised almost $6000 and this was put in the Travis Memorial Scholarship fund that was set up after his death.  Every year they give out a scholarship to someone at the local school, what an awesome deal!

The night night started off good as the car looked awesome and was a crowd favorite since this was a surprise to everyone in the stands.  Travis’s dad drew our number for the starting position in the heat race.  We had installed a brand new fresh engine and the car was going to be fast, and fast it was as we really wanted to win this one for a our fallen friend.  We started in the 3rd row of a very tough heat race and finished in the 3 position.   The car was fast and that got us qualified for the feature and with the inversion we would start in the 9th position of the 25 lap race.  As the race started we got going really good and were passing and lapping cars.  With 7 laps to go we were up to 3rd and gaining only to have a right rear tire losing air.  With 5 to go the right rear tire blew and our night was done.  We were a little disappointed for not finishing the race as we had a shot at the win for our buddy, but we ended up with a 17th place finish.   Everything happens for a reason and number 17 was travis ‘s number, so maybe it was all meant to be. 

Tim Allison Checks In

This past weekend was a 3 day weekend and mother nature let us get all three nights in.  The first night was at Lima Land Motor Sports Park on Friday night.  We had 43 cars signed in  as the 360 Michigan group came down for a 3 day co-sanctioned weekend.  From the time we unloaded on Friday night,  the car was awesome fast and awesome fast all night!  We started in practice and was the fastest car in hot lap sessions.  We started 4th in our heat and took the lead in turn one and never looked back and won by a straight away. 

The feature was for 25 laps and we were starting 3rd.  At the halfway point we reeled in the 1st and 2nd place cars and was setting up for the pass and the caution flag came out.  We did not need that!  We ended up finishing 3rd over all as we were awesome on long runs.
Saturday night was at Waynesfield Raceway for our first visit.  The track was super fast without a lot of passing.  We started 6th in our heat and finished 2nd.  We missed the inversion so we would be starting in the 14th position.  We got going and was up to 8th and going forward and passing cars but another car went off the track and came back on, clipped our front end and about flipped the car but saved the car. Came out running last and worked our way back up to finish 11th.  Again, not bad for what all we had to go through.
Sunday night we were at Eldora Speedway and on this night we got to qualify and we timed in 6th quick which is right where you want to be.  All we had to do was pass one car and we would be on the pole for the feature as the inversion was a 6.  It sounds so easy, but we started 5th and on the first corner we got hit and spun and had to go to the tail.  We did not transfer to the feature, so we had to run the B main and finished 4th in the B main and that got us starting 20th in the feature.  After starting 20th we passed a few cars and ended up pulling in and finished 18th when it was all said and done.  Not what we had expected but the car is all in one piece and we now know we have a fast car.   This week we are at Lima Land Motor Sports Park on Friday night.

Tim Allison Update

The race seson is finally here!  This past weekend was our first weekend out as the first two weeks mother nature won.  We raced at Attica Raceway Park on Friday night. It was a co-sanctioned race against the 305’s and we had 44 cars on hand.  This was a draw system for the lineups and we drew dead last in the 4th heat and started 9th.  We knew we had our work cut out for us as they had the track super slick so the 305s could have a chance. They were taking the top 3 to the feature and we were passing for 3rd and spun out, but saved the car so we didn’t get taken out by the a 305.  So we went to the tail and were back up to 5th but missed the show by 2, so we had to run the b-main.  We started 5th and needed a top 3 but finished 5th, so we missed the show agin by 2 but the car was fast!
Saturday night we made the trip up to Michigan for another co-sanctioned race with the 360 sprints on dirt group on the big 1/2 mile track. We drew mid pack and started 5th in our heat.  We were passing for the lead and a lapped car got in our way.  We saved the car and finished 3rd in our heat and that got us qualified for the feature. We would start in the 11th position.  We got going really good and were passing for 3rd and most likely would have finished in the top 3 but too many cautions flew and we ended up coasting across the finish line in the 6th position as we were running out of fuel with too many caution flag laps.  All in all it was a great weekend and the new car was working great for the first weekend out of racing,

Tim Allison captures 100th Career Sprint Car Feature Win

Tim Allison captures 100th Career Sprint Car Feature Win

(8/3/12) – On the evening track officials at Limaland Motorsports Park designated as the Night of Champions, it proved to be fitting that the track’s all-time leading winner in the ever-popular Sprint Car division, Tim Allison, posted the 100th feature win of his more than thirty year career. It was Allison’s first triumph of the 2012 season and 30th in the fifteen years of University of Northwestern Ohio ownership and operation of the track.

The Elwer Fence Sprints 25-lap feature saw last week’s first time winner Hud Horton start from the pole with Allison on the coveted outside front row starting position. Horton led for the opening two circuits on the high-banked ¼-mile oval before Allison executed a slide job for the pass and lead he would hold for the duration.

The veteran Allison worked the top side racing groove through most of the race although he did move toward the middle to lower portion of the track when storming through slower traffic. A pair of caution periods allowed Kyle Sauder and Jared Horstman to move closer to Allison, but neither were able to genuinely threaten for the lead. Horstman made the biggest move of the event, coming from the inside of row number four to finish as runner-up with Sauder taking third.

“I started racing many years ago hoping I could win just one race,” recalled an emotional Allison in the winner’s circle. “To make it to 100 is unbelievable for me. So many people have helped me along the way to make this possible. I thank Allan Nott,Steve Mox,Dick Jenkins and so many other people and sponsors. The work that it takes to do this is hard to imagine but what a dream come true.”

A milestone win was also posted in the K&N UMP Modified division as Jeff Babcock won the 50th feature of his Limaland Motorsports Park career. It was the eighth of his Modified career, coupled with 41 stock car wins.

Babcock may have benefitted when Todd Sherman, winner of the past three Modified features, suffered mild car damage and was forced to the tail of the field after being part of an opening lap caution. Pole starter Andy Bibler stormed to the front and rode the cushion for the first 13 tours around during the 20-lap feature.

Jeff Babcock tried to gain the advantage on Bibler by working to the inside. On lap number eight he decided to follow Bibler on the higher line around the track. Finally on lap 13, Andy Bibler hesitated and dropped to the bottom through turn two. It allowed Babcock an opening to Bibler’s outside and the race-winning pass was cleanly executed. From that point, Jeff Babcock was unthreatened and went on to post his first feature win of the season at the track.

“It’s definitely exciting to come back here and get the 50th win,” said Babcock. “I took the night off from Late Model racing and decided to shake down this car before an Eldora (Speedway) run coming up. It’s great to get back here in victory lane.”

Point’s leader Shawn Valenti continued his domination of the Budweiser Thunderstocks division, along with Jeff Koz, as the Fostoria, Ohio driver posted his sixth win of the season. Valenti started on the outside of row two in the 15-lap feature. He never ran lower than third position before passing Lima’s Chris Douglas to the outside on lap number eight. The only drama left was a white flag restart that saw Valenti hold off Barney Craig and Douglas for the win.

“I was finally able to get to the top and once we got there this thing was rolling,” said Valenti. “We are always searching for the best way to set up our car.”

Tim Allison Update

This weekend we were at Eldora Speedway for our 2 day show for the Kings Royal weekend.  We have struggled in the past there since they changed the dirt and the banking on the track a few years ago, but overall we had a pretty decent weekend after is was all said and done and brought everything home all in one piece.

We had great hot weather and standing room only.  We had 30 cars on Friday night and we got to qualify which we don’t get to do much.  We qualified 4th overall and ran 2nd in our heat race and finished 4th in the feature, another great run for the team and again a big step in the right direction from the years past.
Then on Saturday night we again had 30 cars and we qualified again and we qualified 13th quick overall and ran 3rd in our hea.  We started 13th and finished 7th on Saturday night.
This coming weekend we will be at Limaland Speedway for our big 77th year anniversary race for the track. Saturday we travel to Crystal Motor Speedway in Crystal Michigan.

Tim Allison Checks In

We had our biggest sprint car 360 race ever in the state of Ohio on July 3rd at Waynesfield Raceway Park and the weather was hot but the racing was even hotter yet! With $6000 to the winner, you could bet everyone was wanting the big trophy and the money. We had 46 signed in for the first ever Bob Reynolds Memorial Race and also on the race card was the non-wing sprints and the emods and with a total of 123 cars in the pits on a nice summer night. With standing room only the racing was totally awesome all night long and the track was in great shape all night!

There was no qualifying so we drew in the 2nd heat and started fourth along with 2 veterans- Tim Shaffer and Danny Smith- both being regulars on the All Star circuit and the World of Outlaws tour,  so we had our work cut out for this one, but we finished 2nd in the heat race right behind Tim Shaffer.  That got us qualified for the big show and also got us in the trophy dash to determine where we would start in the big feature for 30 laps,
We had 2 trophy dashes, one for the odd numbers of 1,3,5,in the odd heats and 2,4,6 for the even heats to determine the first 12 starting spots for the feature.  We were in the 2nd trophy dash and we won it. That put us starting on the outside front row of the biggest show ever for 30 laps of hard racing.  We were hoping for win number 100 and the big prize of $6000.  When the dust settled, we ended up finishing 2nd right behind Tim Shaffer.  We had a great shot and got close a couple of times but in the end we finished 2nd.  It was great run as we have been knocking on the door the last couple of weeks for that feature win and number 100!

This week we are off and the next race is next weekend at Tony Stewart’s famous Eldora Speedway and this is the super bowl weekend of sprint car racing as it is the Kings Royal Weekend.  This is an all sprint car show and a must see event.
It is the NRA 360 sprint cars along with the 410 sprint cars paying $50000 to the winner for the 410 class!

Tim Allison

This past weekend was our memorial race for “Run for the Rabbit” who was a great fallen friend and race car driver. Aways a prestigious race to win and we have won this race twice already and it was looking like we was going to get the 100th win and plus be the first 3 time winner!

The evening started out again with another great car count and awesome fast race track, we drew for the heat race and again the draw did not go in our favor so we started 6 in the 2nd heat and the car was great and we finished 2nd and on a lighting fast track and we got qualified for the feature and was hoping for the inversion to go our way for once but the inversion was a 10 and we would end up starting in the 6th position for a fast track for 25 laps of racing
the race got underway and we got going and by lap seven we was up to 3rd and reeling the leader in and a caution came out and for some reason the scorers put 3 cars back in front of us again which was not suppose to be but nothing we could do,as the race started again we got going and was flying as the race was winding down and lapping cars and got to 2nd and catching the leader again and we could taste the victory almost and again lapping cars and had a a couple of close calls but in the end we ended in the 3rd position,but it was an awesome race as you could have put a blanket over the top 5 cars,so we was knocking on the door again and the 100th was almost there but will have to wait for another week,but the car is working great right now and everything appears to be going in the right direction,but in all we again had another great finish for the team!!
 this week we will be off, but the next race is on tuesday july 3rd for the first annual bob reynolds memorial race at waynesfield raceway park and paying $6000 to the winner,it will an awesome race as i am sure and this is our highest paying race ever in our region,till  the next update thansk agin for all your continued help and support and have a great day!!!  thanks,tim alliosn

Tim Allison Checks In

This past weekend we were at Lima Land Motor Sports Park on Friday night and with beautiful weather we were able to get another race in for the year.  We had put in our spare motor since our motor from last weekend was not finished up yet.  We finally got a good draw in our heat race and started on the pole and finished 4th.  It was kinda disappointing, but we had the car off a  little and the motor too rich as it was all fresh and we didn’t want to have another engine failure.  We transferred to the feature and the inversion went the other way this time and we started in the 11th staring spot, so we leaned down the motor and made changes on the car and got going and finished 6th. They said we jumped the start and they docked us 2 spots so we finished 8th in the end, not what we wanted of course, but a good solid finish on the new fresh engine.  This weekend is our 3 day weekend and it kicks off at Lima Land Motor Sports park on Friday night and then on to Waynesfield Raceway on Saturday night for our first appearance and then on Sunday off to Tony Stewart’s famous Eldora Speedway on Sunday night for our first appearance.

Tim Allison Had a Rough Week

This past weekend was suppose to be a double feature.   The weather was great and there was a great car count.  The first race was our make-up feature from the rain-out 2 weeks ago.  The night started out great,  but did not end in a good manner.  We started 9th in the first feature and were heading to the front but disaster hit.  The engine laid down and we DNF for the first feature.  Upon checking the engine out we had a terminal engine failure and we were done for the night.  What a heart breaker!  This is our first engine failure in over 6 years.  This weekend we will be at Lima Land Motor Sports Park .