Tim Allison

This past weekend was our memorial race for “Run for the Rabbit” who was a great fallen friend and race car driver. Aways a prestigious race to win and we have won this race twice already and it was looking like we was going to get the 100th win and plus be the first 3 time winner!

The evening started out again with another great car count and awesome fast race track, we drew for the heat race and again the draw did not go in our favor so we started 6 in the 2nd heat and the car was great and we finished 2nd and on a lighting fast track and we got qualified for the feature and was hoping for the inversion to go our way for once but the inversion was a 10 and we would end up starting in the 6th position for a fast track for 25 laps of racing
the race got underway and we got going and by lap seven we was up to 3rd and reeling the leader in and a caution came out and for some reason the scorers put 3 cars back in front of us again which was not suppose to be but nothing we could do,as the race started again we got going and was flying as the race was winding down and lapping cars and got to 2nd and catching the leader again and we could taste the victory almost and again lapping cars and had a a couple of close calls but in the end we ended in the 3rd position,but it was an awesome race as you could have put a blanket over the top 5 cars,so we was knocking on the door again and the 100th was almost there but will have to wait for another week,but the car is working great right now and everything appears to be going in the right direction,but in all we again had another great finish for the team!!
 this week we will be off, but the next race is on tuesday july 3rd for the first annual bob reynolds memorial race at waynesfield raceway park and paying $6000 to the winner,it will an awesome race as i am sure and this is our highest paying race ever in our region,till  the next update thansk agin for all your continued help and support and have a great day!!!  thanks,tim alliosn