Bigfoot News

BIGFOOT #11 & #22

June 18, 2015 (St. Louis, MO) – 2015 has not been the greatest year for our older BIGFOOT® Trucks. We’ve seen BIGFOOT #10 retired after a hard crash in Amarillo, TX in February, and now BIGFOOT #11 will also see the end of its service. After a nasty end-over-end crash in Springfield, IL this month, it is time to retire this chassis also. Most teams can’t say that they have gotten 23 years out of the same monster truck chassis!

It is a testament to our fist-class mechanics and drivers, both past and present, who have kept these trucks competitive for so long. Of course these great guys are always capable of rebuilding a crashed chassis. However, we believe that BIGFOOT #11, probably best known as “Wildfoot” from the 1993 Penda Point Series, when it was piloted by Andy Brass, has earned its retirement.

We are currently working with Rich Inman of Concussion Engineering to get the chassis for BIGFOOT #22 started so we can get it in-house and start the build process. With the success we have had with BIGFOOT #18 and BIGFOOT #21, we can’t wait to have another Concussion Chassis in our fleet.