Chris Kearns Fights Crate Motors!

A little 2011 back ground on the engine giveaway which included weekly shows at Santa Maria Speedway and West Coast Shootout shows across California.

Had a really good year for Late Models out here on the West Coast. Obviously not up to the standards back east, but still pretty good.  The engine giveaway really made a difference. To give you a few examples.  My smallest car count at a weekly show was 19. The highest car count at any other weekly show in California was 16. Bakersfield Speedway went to the NASRA rules. (weight break and spoiler for crates) I believe he averaged 13-14 cars a night with the largest car count for his weekly show being 16. I was always in the 20’s at all my weekly shows. Had 14 guys make every race, to be in the Engine drawing. When Bakersfield saw that allowing the 525 with a weight break wasn’t helping car count, he raised his purse to $300 more to win and $50 more to start than my weekly purse. It still didn’t help. When I took my West Coast Shootout series to Bakersfield we had 30 cars. Only dipped under 30 one time. And that was at my track for $5000 to win. Lol.

  So basically as you can see staying with my open motor rules and promoting the engine giveaway has worked tremendously. Its been a tough fight out here, but it could be a lot worse. We did the drawing on Sept 24th at my final points race. Bill Bartels won the drawing. I told him I would start to get the ball rolling here.

Have done what I can for Promotions. Full page ad in Late Model Illustrated, company logos on all winner checks, stand up banner, decals on cars.I am including some pics. Karl Fredrickson of Speedway Illustrated will make the engine a feature project. I am pretty sure he hates Crate engine more than I do!

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