Another Record for Bill Warner and Wild Brothers

Last weekend Bill Warner of Wild Brothers Racing set yet another track record at the Mojave Mile, in Mojave California, shattering the old record by over 23 miles per hour!

Bill ran a record 274.8 mph, then backed it up with a run of 273.8 mph!   

Unfortunately, Bill was unable to go all out, as the track has a small dip where one of the taxiways crosses the runway.  Due to the speeds Bill is laying down and the incredible acceleration, the bike would unload, resulting in a wheelie at over 280 mph!  After looking over the track and reviewing the logged data on Saturday night, it was decided that no runs would be made on Sunday.

Wild Brothers Racing now holds track records at 4 of the five paved land speed racing venues in the country:  Maxton, NC; Loring, ME, Goliad, TX, and now Mojave, CA !!!!

Next week, we will be racing at the new Texas Mile “Beeville” track and will be attempting to become the first motorcycle to go over 300 mph in the standing mile and to complete the sweep of ALL paved Land Speed track records in the USA.