East Coast Diesel Nationals 2021 Review

 It is always fun to go to the Poconos in the Summer for this event. This year was filled with small pop-up storms all around us before and after the event. It didn’t keep the diehard fans away or competitors and enthusiasts saw some great competition.

However we still had plenty of very nice trucks represented at the show. On top of that mountain it was clear and sunny but hot all day long on Saturday. Perfect time to get our show in with some great racing match ups and even a few past champions tried their best at Numidia Dragway. All of the trucks chose to run 1/4 mile with speeds well over 120mph. The crowds saw some great action on the Estimated Time Class with many different diesels represented in the class.

Sled pulling got started about 30 minutes behind schedule because the track needed a little more prepping considering the rain it had received the last two days but in the end it was a very good track with plenty of traction. The Allison sled was a nice addition this year with even pulling weights and digital readout of footage. Overall classes provided plenty of entertainment with high footage pulls on a newly redone track. 

Vendors were busy all day with people asking about products and services along with concessions. With it being hot for this region there was plenty of drinks and Italian Ice being purchased. Family fun on top of the mountain watching trucks, tractors and rods plus vendors all in one day. It is the only venue I know where you can watch drag racing and sled pulling going on during the same time right next to each other. 

The dyno had trucks lined up all day long with much breakage among the trucks but always controlled and safe. This was a competition for the highest horsepower which was won by the four time champion from past years. This competition always draws a crowd!

Show-N-Shine was fewer trucks because many were afraid of dangerous storms with hail and high winds but we still had some diehards who provided great views of their personal builds! We hurried the track officials all day long and they moved it along quickly so we could finish early with more incoming storms. Not only did we beat the storms we had time to properly cleanup the tracks and head to the motels. No sooner than we pulled into the hotel all of our phone started to buzz with weather alerts to take shelter because a huge black storm cloud front was bearing down on us.

Regardless of the hurried day we got the event in with all activities completed and made sure everyone had some fun on top of the mountain at Numidia Dragway! What a great crew there and a big thank you to our DIESEL Motorsports crew who has done these shows so often they know how to complete our event effiiciently. . . . winners and photo link is below: Photos:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=DIESELMotorsports.US&set=a.4518378251529704
 ECDN 21 Winners RacingET BracketChampion – Jake Allison2nd – Dennis HarnishHeads -UpChampion – Marlin Shirk2nd – Mark Vandice Sled Pulling WorkStock1 – Matthew Fessler – 339.192- Nick Harter – 322.653- Ben Gelsinger – 321.06Hot WorkStock1 – Tom Hassler – 317.952 – Lyndall Steiner – 306.213 – Seth Ulmer – 298.704 – Ross Harter – 296.855 – Steven Raap – 291.992.5/2.6 Class1- Brenden Finck – 315.282 – Kyler Zechman – 302.493 – Lovis Sloboda – 301.834 – Benny Stone – 299.445 – Stefan McGowan – 295.926 – Dennis Gemloerling – 294.097 – Dave Orwin – 261.228 – Cody Cameron – 258.269 – Collin Zechman – 123.0 Class1 – Jared Brown – 342.682 – Joshua Gardiner – 341.143 – Jason Heinbach – 335.334 – Tyler Bogley – 321.352WD 6200 LB Trucks1 – Dale Forrester – 311.392 – Jason Forrester – 304.933 – Andy Forrester – 295.704 – Ian Errickson – 292.135 – Cheryl Foley – 274.878500 LB Mod Tractors – (single/Multiple engine)1 – Vern Zerby – 315.812 – Steve Beckley -314.553 – Jason Forrester – 314.434 – Vern Zerby – 313.925 – Vern Zerby – 271.896 – Justin Latour – 106.107800 LB Tractors1 – Amber Blizzard – 351.122- Jason Weikel – 349.553 – Andy Forrester – 343.994 – Rick Blizzard – 343.135 – Ian Errickson – 329.44 Mothers Polishes Show-N-ShineBest of Show – Ben MaurerBest Dodge – Mike MacLeanBest Ford – Bryanna DickinsonBest Dmax – Derek BedwayBest Modified – Rich StrubeBest Rat Rod – BJ KeifferBest Import – Steve Berry Dyno – Ken’s Diesel/AutoHighest HP – Justin BurkeHP Ford – Nicholas CadiganHP Dmax – Andrew Martin