Brenda Grubbs Motorsports “The Time Slip”, Volume 10, Issue 1.

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The Time Slip

Volume 10, Issue 1

Race Update

May 2021

The beginning…

With the crazy February winter storm in Houston, plans to pick up the Super Stocker in NC and test at Bradenton, Florida were delayed. Bill couldn’t get home from work for several days as flights into Houston were cancelled. This left Brenda and Charlie (new puppy) to deal with the snow, ice, loss of power and water, frozen pipes, and frozen pool equipment. Once Bill was able to get home, the damage accessed and patched, plans were made to leave, as soon as the roads cleared.

Thankfully, the first road trip with Charlie was a success as he loved traveling. For a young puppy, he experienced several states between Texas and North Caroline before arriving at KB Racing on a Sunday afternoon. Dallas Glenn was kind enough to move his golf tee time and open the shop so the Super Stocker could be loaded into the trailer. Charlie really liked Dallas, and Dallas quickly became Charlie’s favorite Pro Stock Driver! Once the rig was loaded, Bradenton, Florida was the next stop to test both cars. The Stocker had a new The Joie of Seating custom seat and the Super Stocker had chassis adjustments done over the winter.

Testing at Bradenton

Testing was challenging given all the changes to both cars; however, the result was good data and seat time for Brenda. Unfortunately, on the last pass in the Stocker, the pinion in the rear end sheared an entire tooth. This meant bypassing the Belle Rose track and heading home instead, of directly to the divisional race.

Belle Rose

With minimal time at home, the rear end gear was changed, and the rig was back on the road heading east to Belle Rose. The detour home
caused a late arrival to the track and a missed qualifying run.
With the new Line Performance engine, the Stocker was able to

secure the AA/SA Class Win. Eliminations resulted in a first- round loss in Super Stock due to a spin off the line and a third- round loss in Stock.

April, 2021 issue of the National Dragster


After Belle Rose, the rig headed to the Baby Gators and the Gatornationals. At the Baby Gators, Brenda secured another AA/SA Class Win. Unfortunately, first round .001 and .004 red lights in both cars ended Brenda’s weekend at the Divisional.

The Gatornationals were extremely disappointing. After first round, numerous Stockers were given reruns due to a timing system error. Brenda and Jeff Taylor were both on the rerun list but were never notified as they were in staging for first round of Super Stock, and their reruns were cancelled. The Super Stocker exited in round three.

Southern Sportsman’s Showdown

After the Gators, the rig headed North to the Southern Sportsman’s Showdown. The race was a lot of fun and hopefully, there will be more events in the future. Brenda went rounds at each race.

The Houston Divisional

The Stocker went out first round and the Super Stocker second round.

Southern Nationals

The Southern Nationals and the Atlanta Dragway hold great memories for Bill and Brenda. Years ago (1995), at the Southern Nationals, Bill asked Brenda’s Dad permission to marry her. Over the years, Brenda has enjoyed success bracket racing and winning two NHRA Divisional Events. While Brenda didn’t have any luck this year, she will cherish the great memories and will miss Atlanta Dragway.

Charlie’s favorite memory of Atlanta Dragway is getting his new golf cart

The Plan

The Super Stocker needs additional tweaking. It continues to experience intermittent spinning issues off the line causing the car to be unpredictable. Bill has tried everything to get this car working. During events the resulting frustration often bleeds to the entire racing program. After the Southern Nationals, a difficult decision was made to pause the racing schedule and get the car working properly. Because of this decision, the Dallas Double Divisional and the Tulsa Divisional were removed from the schedule and additional races have been added in later in the year.

Brenda’s most recent article on Stock Eliminator driver, Anne Towes “Never Too Late” was featured in the April, 2021 issue of National Dragster. An article featuring a Super Comp racer is being written now and next up will be a husband and wife race team.