El Gallo Sport Drift Team at Campeonato Castilla y León

Already recovered media from the weekend I bring them up to date … 🤭😅.
 On Saturday in the Castilla y León championship after free practice, we classified in 2nd place for the league … A modality that was created for this test and in which we achieved the maximum score by winning all the battles against all the competitors of  the pro category.  We achieved the highest possible score and placed 1st in the league … Then we ran the semi-final and we won it too … We went to the final and not knowing that because we were the winners of the league we came out first, we made a strategic mistake that led us to error on the track and we lost the battle … Of course … giving a show and leaving a good image …  We climbed to 2nd place on the podium and now we are 2nd in the Castilla y León championship … What we are going to have to go back to for 1st place in the next round … 😜.
 We are very happy for the role we played this weekend and we hope that our sponsors and collaborators are too …. Without a doubt, being backed and supported by the best, makes us have to live up to it …. And without  that support and backing none of this would be possible …
 We broke the ice after the beginning of the global pandemic … We went to run in the first scoring drift race in Spain and we achieved 2nd place … We are very happy and grateful …. We’re dusting ourselves off and getting ready for the next one … 💪🏻🐔