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SELECTED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS FROM THE FOUR TEAM CHEVY INDYCAR DRIVERS IN GROUP ONE OF MEDIA DAY ROTATION: JR HILDEBRAND, NO. 1 ABC SUPPLY/AJ FOYT RACING CHEVROLETHOW HAS THE MONTH OF MAY BEEN GOING FOR YOU AND HAVING TONY STEWART AS A FILL ENTRY?“It’s been very cool. A lot of people have asked me. I’m just trying to feed off the energy of it. It’s been great. The team has done an awesome job so far. Heading into qualifying just to our race trim through the week, we had a pretty good feeling for what we were looking for early in the week and couldn’t quite find it. We were trying a lot of different stuff. By the end of the day on Thursday, we had made some really significant gains on how the car was feeling in traffic. And then, rolled into Friday. You’re never really sure what to expect. But as far as being on our side of the fence, we felt like we found some speed and ended up being the fastest car on the team on Saturday and had a really strong qualifying run from our perspective from what we felt like in that short period of time we could work on and extract. I think a lot of that, honestly, is due to the work just over the week that the crew has been doing on the cars. A huge credit to them to find a little extra speed for us and I’m feeling good heading into race day.” SCOTT MCLAUGHLIN, NO. 3 PENNZOIL TEAM PENSKE CHEVROLETHOW IS THE MONTH MAY GOING FOR YOU?“I’m enjoying it. It’s been a really interesting month. You’re once an IMS rookie and I’m really taking it in my stride. I enjoy every moment. It’s been an up and down month, obviously, for me. As a team, we’re a little bit underwhelmed with that qualifying speed. But I think in our race trim and the cooler temperatures will certainly help us move forward.” DID YOU EVERTHINK YOU’D BE HERE AT A PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY FOR THE INDY 500?“Absolutely not. I think I always had the ambition and the want to come over to America and race. But I thought a touring car race was probably where it was going to be if I was able to achieve anything because that’s what I’ve known for my whole time. I’ve really enjoyed my time at INDYCAR so far and thankful for the opportunity. It’s so fresh and new for me. Learning a car that’s completely different from what I’ve ever driven before. I’m really enjoying the freshness and the challenge and comradery. My first Indy 500 means everything that I could have ever thought of. I’m really excited for what’s ahead and really don’t know what to think of what it’s going to be like on race day morning for me.” SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS, NO. 14 ROKIT/AJ FOYT RACING CHEVROLETHOW HAS THE MONTH OF MAY BEEN GOING FOR YOU?“The month of May has been interesting. We struggled a little bit early on to find some stuff in traffic that we were comfortable with. And then you transition to qualifying trim and we didn’t do the best job, I don’t think. We probably got a little bit too cautious. If we had done everything right, I think we could have probably been in the top-20. We were too careful. The gaps between the cars made it that the opportunity was pretty unforgiving. When you are not exactly on the money, you are losing quite a few positions. What is done is done. I’m pretty comfortable with what we found Sunday late afternoon with the race car and how we looked. I’m looking forward to it and a better race day.” WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE BACK AT INDIANAPOLIS WITH FANS IN ATTENDANCE?“It’s like the Indy 500 but not quite, though, because I think 130,000 for the 500 is still going to feel pretty empty, but after everything we’ve been through over the last year or so it’s definitely a step in the right direction and I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to normal.” ON THE EMOTIONS OF THE TEAM AFTER LAST CHANCE QUALIFYING“It’s very tough for the team. Everybody works very hard, and you have four cars in the team and then one that just doesn’t have speed. The guys worked extra hard to try to put that car in the show and it didn’t make a difference. It’s heart-breaking Charlie (Kimball) is probably one of the drivers that values the 500 the most and has the most appreciation and respect for the place. He missed the show through no fault of his own just because the car isn’t quick enough is a sad one. But it’s super unforgiving. I’m kind of glad it wasn’t my car, but yes, it’s tough to witness it.” WILL POWER, NO. 12 VERIZON 5G TEAM PENSKE CHEVROLETHOW HAS MEDIA DAY GONE FOR YOU AND WHAT ARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR SUNDAY?“Media Day has gone fine. Expectations, obviously we had some good strategy go our way. I think we have a really good car in traffic, I do. I’ve said that from the beginning. Qualifying didn’t go as we expected, but I was really happy to get in the race. It’s been positive. It really has. We executed on Sunday and the team is in good spirits. I think it’s really hard to judge how this race is going to play out; but we need to make up a lot of positions the whole time.” HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH FRUSTRATIONS OR SETBACKS OR THINGS YOU WEREN’T EXPECTING? IS THERE ANYTHING IN PARTICULAR THAT YOU DO TO KIND OF BOOST TEAM MORALE?“Actually, we had a dinner last night and talked about race plans, just for my crew. I have been really happy. It’s funny. I’ve been more positive, and happy than I am when I qualify on the front row. It actually was a win for us in getting it right. It just kind of put things into perspective. It turned into a positive, believe it or not.”