Baggsy – Navara-R 2021 Update

It’s been a few months since our latest update on the Nissan Navara-R, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t forgotten about you all.

The truck has been out visiting SB Motorsport partners recently, so let’s give you an update with what’s been happening. 
To start off the new year, we delivered the truck to Mike and the guys at @WaltonMotorsport for fabrication of the @Vibrant_Perfomance full exhaust system, @GarrettMotion G30-660 Turbo install with the @TurboSmartHQ Wastegates. All a custom layout to make the engine bay look as insane as it can, whilst still being fully functional, keeping reliability in mind. 

The work these guys do is next level with all their manifold fabrication work, and with a short turnaround time it definitely made our lives at @SBMotorsport a little easier to get the truck to its next visit. 
We had an unexpected call from Jay at @WheelPros_Europe to let us know that our new ‘Fuel Beast’ @fueloffroad_wheels had been delivered, all the way from the USA! 

So Baggsy headed straight over to their warehouse to pick them up, ready to reveal on the next episode of our Mission CTRL: Nissan Navara-R livestream, which for 2021 is scheduled to be the last Wednesday of each month.
The next venture for the truck was the guys at @ForgeMotorsport in Gloucester for all the Radiator, Intercooler, Oil & Fuel cooler fabrication. Custom designing where all the pipework would sit and creating an awesome finished product. Even the heat sink fins on the Radiator are a work of art! 

When we got the call saying they had finished within a few weeks, and us at SB seeing how awesome the engine bay looked, we were very pleased with the outcome! Alongside all the custom @SamcoSport silicone hoses mapped around the engine bay, this build is insane!
The engine bay almost looked complete with the @Asnu_Fuel_Injection inlet manifold and the @KNFiltersUK poking out the front of the truck.

But this was now time to remove the #VR38 engine from under the bonnet, and for Paul at @PCheshire_AP to work his magic for the full strip-down and rebuild. With a few upgraded internal parts, and a professional dynamic balancing process by Steve at ‘Vibration Free’. 

More exciting info on the engine build coming very soon!
Let’s not forget that this build will have a figure of over 1000hp from the standard twin turbo Nissan GT-R V6 engine, a fully custom chassis using the original GT-R front and rear subframes and epic ST 3 way adjustable suspension. 
AND all of this will be on the public roads! Thats right. A fire breathing, Nissan Navara with a widebody kit and 2-step will be breaking necks on the road this year, whether that be heading out to get the weekly food shop, grabbing a few D.I.Y bits from a hardware store or cruising to an automotive event.

You will definitely notice this in your mirrors!
Mission CTRL: Navara-R Livestream is back TOMORROW! 
Wednesday 31st March!

We’re rolling on the last Wednesday of the month in 2021.
So schedule us in, 7:30pm on the @BaggsyBoyUK
YouTube & Facebook page.
Baggsy “It’s already been a busy start to the year with the truck, visiting a few of our partners involved in the Navara-R build and getting closer to that completion date.”

“I just cant wait to drive it!”