Team War Wizard Event update

February 2021

It was a sweet 3rd attempt. Giving him enough wow factor for the fans to secure the 1st of many wins for Team War Wizard. We sat the remainder of racing out checking the truck out to make sure all was well before freestyle. With this happening they put RJ out 1st in the line up for freestyle. He ran a soft run but gave the fans a show, with big air, clearing the center pod a few times as well as a stoppie or two to close out his run. Leaving the fans with a lasting impression being 1st in the line up securing his 2nd win of the weekend.

The picture above says it all. With nearly 6 months out of the seat RJ was happy to be back in his office! February 5th & 6th we hit the ground full of excitement and ready to greet our fans.

We started the Friday night show on fire. In racing qualifying RJ flat tracked the Ole Wizard around the Chicago track with the fast time earning him a bi run in the 1st round of racing. Only to let the fans down when he was on a great run yet again but the truck hooked hiking the left front tire up over the turn post a little to much. Which lead to a roll over in his bi run! Not much body damage was cause. We rolled him over and he fired up and went and got ready for the rest of the show.

In the skilled event contested RJ said I’m going to try a stoppie and see what happens.

5006 General Stuart CT. Sharpsburg, MD 21782 Office: 407-314-6936

qualifier run, but this time RJ made sure to keep the truck on all 4’s in the bi run going to the next round. Only to make his way to semi finals to lose gracefully when the truck hooked and hiked again but this time he saved it and road it out and down to finish the run. Skilled contest was another win with a good sky wheelie followed up with a stoppie. Then there was freestyle!, 2nd to last in the line up RJ went out on fire. Clearing the pod several times, big air, cross threading the jumps, yet another stoppie and then he stepped it up one more time with his 1st attempt at a bicycle. The fans loved it. Locking in the 5th win out of 9 events and 2 fastest qualifying pasts was a great welcome back for our team and our marketing partners.

Kicking Friday night off with some good luck we still had two more shows Saturday. Saturday running on the conservative side RJ fell a little shy of fastest qualifier but advanced a round of racing only to have rear steer issues putting him out of racing. The skills contest was soft for us as well taking in a close 2nd. But the fan’s favorite was next, RJ made up for the slacking in the other events. With a very nice freestyle run the included big air, cross threading and a few more stoppie’s but this time he stepped it up and back the truck up the ramp putting the grill on the ground crunching it just a tad. Claiming the 3rd win for the weekend.

The 3rd and final show was here. With body work done, oil changed & truck doubled checked between shows we were ready. RJ came out hot nailing yet another fastest

5006 General Stuart CT. Sharpsburg, MD 21782 Office: 407-314-6936

5006 General Stuart CT. Sharpsburg, MD 21782 Office: 407-314-6936