baggsy–New #GT86V8 Build

NEW 1000HP Pro spec competition car magic in the making.

SB Motorsport Owner, Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni has just released his new competition build to the world!

A brand new chassis to the SB team, a Toyota GT86. The successor to the awesome, worldly acclaimed Japanese AE86.

Remember our latest newsletter announcing that we have four builds this year at SB? Yeah, that’s still correct!

As this new build is taking place in Ireland, at @MotorsportFifty6. With SB Motorsport team members Bob and Jimmy, working hard to get this machine ready.

Our aim is to get the build completed for the upcoming 2021 season later this year, which DMEC have recently released their full event calendar.

Round 1 – Austria – May 29/30

Round 2 – Norway – June 25/26

Round 3 – Poland – July 9/10

Round 4 – Latvia – July 30/31

Round 5 – Georgia – Sept 4/5

Hit the link below to check out our brand new build series on YouTube.

Alternatively, we’ve added the first two episodes right here.

We have to say a massive thank you to the team over in Ireland for all their hard work so far, and dealing with Baggsy on the phone!

More info coming soon.

Baggsy – “I’m so hyped to step into a brand new vehicle for the 2021 Drift Masters season! Something I’ve never driven before and for it to be a pro level competition spec’d car it’s going to be awesome”

“Massive thanks to Bob and the guys over in Ireland at MotorsportFifty6 for building my new GT86”

“I can’t wait to get out and have some fun in a new toy”