Baggsy – January 2021 & One Week until Navara-R Livestream

January 2021 & One Week until Navara-R Livestream

January 2021, the start of another great year ahead of us. Filled with activities and workshop antics.

We are still crazy busy here at SB Motorsport, with four builds happening all at the same time.
To start off, the build you will all know and love from the hype back in 2020 when we released the #Navara-R to the world! 

We’re working steadily towards completion day for our one-off, fully custom Nissan Navara with the epic Nissan GT-R VR38 engine and running gear.

With trips to our new partner @WaltonMotorsport for the Turbo & Exhaust pipework, and our longterm sponsor @ForgeMotorsportfor the cooling side of things. This is going to be one hell of a creation!

If you don’t know what we’re on about, check out our build page on the website. Link Below.
Next up, the #LSXR35 is getting an overdue overhaul. With current events being quiet and having some down-time over the winter off season, SB Motorsport owner  –  
Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni suggested now would be a great time to strip and rebuild the GT-R.

After four years of hard graft, the fire breathing beast will be back in 2021 with a new look… a completely new look.
For our third build in 2021, the #S13V8 has been pulled out of storage after being a demo car in America for a few events over the last 2 years.

We have slight modifications and set-up changes in mind for this to become a very competitive drift weapon for whatever 2021 throws at us.
And lastly, the fourth build we’re currently working on is the #SB350z. This will be our newest streetcar.

Full build info coming soon on this!
News about our #PS13V8, which is currently resting in a container in Oman.

We are waiting for updates from the Oman International Drift Championship and when the event can happen safely.
Mission CTRL: Navara-R Livestream is back next week!
 24th February!

We’re rolling on the last Wednesday of the month in 2021.
So schedule us in, 7:30pm on the @BaggsyBoyUK
Facebook page.
Baggsy – “Keeping busy with multiple builds is a great start to our 2021 season as a team! Living with the current down time during this pandemic is possibly what we needed to take some time and reset our goals for the new year.”

“With rebuilding the GT-R and working towards completion on the Navara-R, we are currently stronger than ever & we can’t wait to show you the results when events start happening again soon!”

“It’s a shame we aren’t in Oman right now enjoying the heat and putting on a show in the OIDC, but the correct precautions are being taken so we can stay safe. I look forward to heading over there soon though and battling it out for that top step”