Ken Stotz Racing Update

The attendance at the IMS Show in Chicago (Rosemont, IL) was much better than I have seen in years. The Stotz Racing Pro Street bike was the center attraction of Top Gear Powersports large booth. I was a guest speaker at the Progressive Insurance stage with Ricky Gadson’s presentation of 50 years of horsepower growth from 1967 to present. Honda was consistently at the forefront of the horsepower leaders and/or the “Fastest Bike on the Planet” leaders. My most vivid memory as a 9 year old kid was the cover of the magazines with the introduction of the 1969 cb750. Wow! Later when I was legally riding, the 6 cylinder CBX came out. Wow Again! I am in negotiations with the owner of the original CBX-Turbo that my friends at Mr. Turbo built. If I can get it and restore it I will have that for the shows also. Looks to be a great year. Stay tuned!