FEBRUARY 14, 2016

GREG ANDERSON, SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT/KB RACING CAMARO SS PRO STOCK-QUICK QUOTE: “It feels awesome. I don’t know where that came from. The good Lord was looking after my clutch on that one. When I had to get it done I got it done. Sorry, Jason (Line), maybe next week. It’s been a lot of hard work on this KB Racing team and everyone who supports us, especially Chevrolet. You have to love NHRA drag racing. It’s just awesome.”


JASON LINE, SUMMIT RACING EQUIPMENT/KB RACING CAMARO SS PRO STOCK-RUNNER-UP: ON THE FINAL AGAINST TEAMMATE GREG ANDERSON: “That was a good race. I think that’s what people come to watch. He wins this battle and gets bragging rights back at the shop so I have to live with that for a while. Just a great weekend for our team.
ARE YOU SURPRISED BY HOW WELL IT WENT THIS WEEKEND? “It felt like we made good progress (over the winter and in preseason testing), but you just don’t know until you show up with everybody on the same racetrack. I think we were better than I expected, and that’s a nice feeling.”
BO BUTNER, JIM BUTNER AUTO CAMARO SS PRO STOCK: “The KB team really flexed some muscles. I think we’re going to be tough for the first three or four races. It’s going to be a fun year, and we’re actually driving decent, which is scary (laugh).”

DREW SKILLMAN, RAY SKILLMAN CHEVROLET CAMARO SS PRO STOCK: “Leaving fourth in points, nothing wrong with that. The KB guys did a good job over the winter. We’re going to get after them in Phoenix. We’re not far off. We just have to learn. We’ll get there. I was really impressed with how everybody came in a short period of time (referencing new Pro Stock technical package). I think all of us will get a handle on it by Race 5. I think when everyone gets their ducks in order we’re going to be really close again.”

VINCENT NOBILE, MOUNTAINVIEW TIRE CAMARO SS PRO STOCK – FOLLOWING CRASH AFTER HITTING WALL WITH LEFT SIDE OF CAR: “These (cars) are usually pretty calm. It’s my fault. I was telling someone the other day that it’s 90 percent driver error when one of these cars hits the wall, and I just drove it a little too far. It was shaking in low gear and I went for the next gear trying to win that round and blew the tire off. When it hooked up, it just went across the track on me. I feel bad for everybody who put a whole lot of effort into making my car go fast. This was definitely the fastest car the planet last year and that’s what really has me bummed out. I know we have a great group of guys and we’ll get it fixed.”

JOHN FORCE, PEAK ANTIFREEZE JOHN FORCE RACING CAMARO SS FUNNY CAR: “I feel all the work that we did as a team to get these cars into the 3.8s and to be able to run 3.90s in the heat. We have accomplished a lot. Now we have to polish it. We have a lot of work to do but as a team I think we will be fine. We have Alan Johnson and Brian Husen over on that Monster Energy dragster and I think the alliance with CAPCO is going to be great. I think we have put the team together right. Let Mike Neff focus on the Funny Cars with Danny Hood, Ronnie Thompson and Jon Schaffer. We are going to get a lot better.”
ROBERT HIGHT, AUTO CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA JOHN FORCE RACING CAMARO SS FUNNY CAR: “This Auto Club Camaro is running really good whether it is cool or hot. This car is right there at the top. I am bummed this race car quit quite a bit before the finish line. We lost a blower belt. I think we let one get away there. Those guys are a tough team to race and they definitely threw on at it today. We are going on to Phoenix with some confidence and momentum.”
COURTNEY FORCE, TRAXXAS RADIO CONTROL CARS JOHN FORCE RACING CAMARO SS FUNNY CAR: “For this Traxxas Chevrolet Camaro team, the Fastest Name in Radio Control, it was awesome to get this car down the track here at Pomona for the Winternationals; my home track. It’s unfortunate Gary Densham wasn’t able to match up against me. Winning a race like that – no one wants to win a race like that. I just want to say I’m glad he’s okay after that crazy crash he had yesterday when he went into the sand.
“In the second round my Traxxas Chevy dropped a hole down track. I stayed in it. I tried to drive that thing all the way to the finish line, hoping for a win, but at that point being down a cylinder, we just lacked the power we needed to get past Robert.
“We had a good car all weekend so that has me excited for the season and the upcoming race at Phoenix. I’m really happy with how Dan Hood and Ronnie Thompson have been tuning this race car and it’s making me feel more confident as a driver every time I get in it,”
BRITTANY FORCE, MONSTER ENERGY/CHEVROLET JOHN FORCE RACING TOP FUEL: “Even though we went out in the first round I still feel confident leaving the Auto Club Raceway at Pomona. Every run our Monster Energy dragster went down the track. We ran great numbers all weekend. We came out this morning and ran 3.75 and you can’t be down on that kind of performance. I am always proud of my whole team. They have been working their butts off all off-season. We made a lot of changes and a lot of them had to do with getting me comfortable in the dragster. I know we are going to have a good year and we are just getting started. This is the first race and we will let it go and move on to Phoenix.”