Summit Racing–Anderson Has the Data, Going After No. 1 at Summit NHRA Nationals

Anderson Has the Data, Going After No. 1 at Summit NHRA Nationals

NORWALK, Ohio, July 3, 2015 – When you log the kind of hours that the Summit Racing NHRA Pro Stock team does, you simply expect top-notch results. You expect the best. At the conclusion of the first day of qualifying for the 9th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park, Greg Anderson and the KB Racing crew were close, but not close enough – and on Saturday at their sponsor’s home race, the determined group will call on the data accumulated and go in with their eyes on the prize.

In the first round of qualifying, the driver of the red Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro clocked in with a respectable 6.591-second pass at 210.73 mph to jump into the No. 5 position in the line-up. Under a darkening sky and with pleasingly cool temperatures, they came back with a stout 6.561 at 211.16 mph. While Anderson improved, so did the rest of the field, and he was in the No. 6 spot when the day was said and done.

“Not a bad first day, but really, we want to be No. 1,” said Anderson simply. “That’s what the goal is, and we will try to do that tomorrow. We’ll call today a day of learning and put it behind us. We didn’t quite have the right setup today to get what we were after, but we’re halfway home on where we need to be. Tomorrow, we’re hoping to get all the way there. We have the potential, we just have to get everything right. Hopefully, we can make the Summit Racing folks a little bit more proud tomorrow.”

The weather conditions in Norwalk have so far been pleasingly different from recent memory. Instead of the hot and sticky air and racetrack to which the teams have become accustomed, the temperature hovered in the 70s and 80s, and as the sun set on the racetrack, the air cooled even more to allow for improved runs. On Saturday, qualifying will again begin in the evening.

“It’s going to be great out there tomorrow, more of these great conditions, and we’ll have an opportunity to move up,” said Anderson, a two-time Norwalk low qualifier. “We’ll go to bed positive tonight and learn from today, and tomorrow will be better.”