Summit Racing–After two wins in a row, Anderson looks to extend points lead with productive Bristol outing

After two wins in a row, Anderson looks to extend points lead with productive Bristol outing

MOORESVILLE, N.C., June 17, 2015 – Greg Anderson and the Summit Racing Pro Stock team would very much like to come out perfect at the conclusion of the first block of three races in a row on the NHRA schedule this weekend. Anderson’s wins in Englishtown and Epping have set the stage for a trifecta, and if he pulls it off this weekend at the 15th annual NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol, it would be very special – but it would not be the first time.

Anderson is one of the elite few to have “Swept the Swing,” that is, to have won the strenuous three-in-a-row races in the summer known as the Western Swing that take place on consecutive weekends in Denver, Sonoma and Seattle. He accomplished the feat in 2004, and that year, he actually won five in a row (just not on consecutive weekends).

“We’re getting into these hot summer months and into the humidity, and to this point we haven’t been sure how we would function in that,” said Anderson. “Our racecars ran well the first part of the year, but that was before the extreme heat and humidity that is ahead of us. Bristol will be the first time that we will really see that, and we’re all anxious to see how our racecars and engines perform. Last weekend in Epping was great, and hopefully we can keep that up in Bristol. I think we’re going to be good.”

Anderson admits that he and the KB Racing team were underdogs that weekend in Bristol in 2001.

“Quite honestly, we just ran well, but we weren’t expecting to,” recalled Anderson. “We had a big Pontiac Firebird and everyone else had the new version of a smaller car, and we were just kind of field-filler. But we ran really, really well that weekend – especially on Sunday – and we earned that win. It was such a shock to everyone, and I think they all thought it was a lucky flash in the pan and wouldn’t happen again, but here we are. Apparently, it wasn’t a fluke.”

Back then, in those early days of Greg Anderson’s career, he never could have imagined what was in store for him and for team owner Ken Black. Now with a monster 77 Pro Stock wins on his scorecard – including back-to-back wins at the most recent two events on the NHRA tour – Anderson believes that what he felt then isn’t any different from what motivates him now.

“After that first win, I just wanted the chance to do it one more time,” said Anderson. “Well, one more time came, and I thought, okay, one more time. It’s always been one of those deals. I live in the moment, I guess, and I never worry about how many I can get. I just worry about if I can win another one. That’s what has been in my head all along, and I think that’s the right mindset to have. I’ll worry about how many I have when I’m done racing, but right now, I’m just looking for the next one. I always want one more.”