Kasey Kahne Racing – Results Recap June 18 through July 2

Kasey Kahne Racing – Results Recap
June 18 through July 2

Sweet backs up horrific crash with win the next night

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the KKR teams (sorry we missed last weeks newsletter, we were in Washington for The Drive event with Kasey and Russell Wilson) and this past week there were three races in as many nights.

Cody Darrah has been on a hot streak the last five races, with finishes of 8th or better in every event. DP9 continues his championship point battle with Donnie Schatz but the big story of the week was Brad Sweet.

At 34 Raceway, Sweet made contact with another car while battling for position in the top five. The No. 49 car struck a blunt area of the wall where cars enter the pit area outside of the track and tumbled down the back stretch. When the dust settled, Sweet’s car had broken in half.

In an amazing show of sportsmanship, teammate Cody Darrah and competitors Jason Sides and David Gravel jumped out of their cars and tended to Brad before emergency workers were even on the scene.

Sweet escaped with only a banged-up ankle, but the entire 49 car was a loss. The SureTest Supplies team worked through the night to get ready for the race the following evening at Beaver Dam Raceway and the KKR teams responded to the previous night’s adversity like only the KKR teams can: by taking three of the top four finishes in the feature, with Brad Sweet winning the race.