Summit Racing–Line sees the power of Summit Racing Camaro, seeking first Topeka win on Sunday

Line sees the power of Summit Racing Camaro, seeking first Topeka win on Sunday
TOPEKA, Kan., May 24, 2014 – Summit Racing Pro Stock driver Jason Line has yet to win at Heartland Park Topeka, but this weekend could very well be a different story. Line is qualified in the top half of the field and will have lane choice in the first round of eliminations to begin his bid for the trophy at the NHRA Kansas Nationals at Heartland Park Topeka.
In the first session, Mooresville, N.C.-based Line blasted down the racetrack with a 6.622-second run at 208.81 mph. Although he was quick to extract and examine the imperfections of the pass, it was fourth quickest of the round and looked to be a good starting point that Line was hopeful to quickly build upon. Mother Nature, however, had other ideas. Weather that had been pressing finally moved in full force and the first day of qualifying was cut short by one round. Day two dawned rainy and with more storms in the forecast, but miraculously the rain cleared and the Pro Stockers got another two chances to find their final positions on the ladder.
“The first round wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t perfect,” said Line. “Then the second run we had something go wrong and the run was really a throw-away. I only had one run – the last one – to make a good run. I thought it would be better, but it was a little light on the clutch. It wasn’t terrible, this just isn’t where we think we should be.”
Line’s 6.643, 206.01 in the second session was followed by a 6.631, 208.10 and he landed in the No. 8 position. Although still in the top half of the field and heading into raceday with lane choice over rookie competitor Jonathan Gray – a driver he has yet to race on Sunday – Line is in a position he hasn’t been relegated to since the third race of the season. He has qualified 7th or better in each race since the Gainesville Gatornationals.
Line, of course, is optimistic.
“I think if we do everything right, I think we have a chance of winning the race tomorrow with our Summit Racing Camaro,” said Line. “We struggled a little bit, but it’s an opportunity to learn something.”
Vincent Nobile, whose power is generated in-house at the KB Racing shop in Mooresville, is the No. 1 qualifier in Topeka. It is Nobile’s second low qualifier award with KB power.
“We are quite sure he’s cheating, but we haven’t figured out how yet,” joked Line. “We are monitoring the situation because something fishy is going on over there. But in all seriousness, Vincent made three really nice runs, and I’m excited for him. He is very happy, and it’s also a very good thing for KB Racing because it shows the power we have and what we are capable of. It’s definitely a good thing. Tomorrow we could have a very good day, and I think there is a very good possibility that we will see my Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro and the Summit car driven by my teammate Greg Anderson going rounds. It should be a very good day.”