Chevy Racing–Richmond–Jamie McMurray

JAMIE McMURRAY:  When I think about Richmond, it always seems like the unexpected can happen here.  It always produces a little bit of drama. So I wouldn’t expect this year to be any different.
            I think as a fan watching the race, there’s more scenarios this year than in the past.  I assume Saturday night is going to be interesting to watch on TV and probably a little bit chaotic from the driver’s seat.
            Q.  Have you looked at all the permutations?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  No.  Our deal is going to be a huge challenge because, first off, you have to win, then you also have to have other guys have unfortunate nights.
            I think if you can put yourself in a position to win the race on Saturday night, there will be some drama that happens with other guys.
            So, yeah, there’s still a chance, but it’s obviously grasping a little bit.
            Q.  Does that put more pressure?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  No.  To me, of the guys that are trying to fight their way in, I think I would have the least amount of pressure because it is somewhat of a longshot.  I’ve been in this situation where you’re only five points out or ten points out.  That’s tough because you first off look at practice, where you’re at, where those guys are at, then you look at qualifying.  As the race goes on, it seems like you pay more attention to those guys than the race because you’re not really racing the race, you’re racing those few guys you’re around.
            Q.  If it comes down to helping another Chevy, a lot of times we’ve seen manufacturer alliances play out, have you and your group talked about that at all, helping a Hendrick car, a Childress car?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  I think that’s grasping.  Yeah, no, no.
            Q.  Having said what you did before, does it make what Jeff did last year, doing everything he absolutely had to do to claw his way in, is it that much more impressive?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  What Jeff did last year is impressive because he was laps down early in the race.  I remember passing Jeff.  His car was terrible.  Normally when your car is that bad at the start of the race you can’t fix it unless something is broke and you replace that part.
            I was shocked to see that he was able to race his way back up.  I think he finished 2nd last year.  That was super impressive what he was able to do.
            Q.  If there’s one race you could take back from earlier this year, which would it be?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  Well, Dover would be the race I look back at.  I thought maybe we had the best car, had the piece fall off of the 11 car, go through our radiator.  Everyone has had those.  That’s why we’re in the situation we are.
            I don’t think our year has been results‑wise tremendously better than others.  Everybody from 8th in points to 20th has had a lot of bad luck and unfortunate races.
            Dover would be one definitely that you’d like to have back just because you had such a good car.  Wasn’t anything we did wrong.  A part fell off the 11 car and went through our radiator.
            Q.  Earlier you talked like you felt you were getting over the hump.  Do you still feel it’s moving in the right direction?  Is it where you want it right now?
            JAMIE McMURRAY:  Both of our cars were good last week at Atlanta.  The 42 and the 1 ran well.  When I look at our race team, where I think we need to work the most is executing the races.  I feel like our cars have been better than where we finished in the races.  A lot of that I wouldn’t place blame on anybody for that.  Just kind of the circumstances you’ve been put in.  I don’t feel like we’ve executed the races as well as we have.
            I still believe our cars were better than they were in 2010 when both cars were able to win races, big races.  We haven’t done a good enough job, I don’t feel like, in the race itself.