Hunter Sills Racing, San Diego BMW Motorcycles–5 Records!

 San Diego BMW Motorcycles BMW S1000RR Captures Five Records At The International Motorcycle Speed Trials By BUB  Event At Bonneville
 San Diego BMW Motorcycles took their BMW S1000RR to five records this past week, August 24-29, 2013, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, during the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB event, capitalizing on their momentum gained during the previous SCTA Speedweek event and holding on to their title of the world’s fastest BMW Motorcycle. Both pilots, Erin Hunter and Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing, earned records in FIM and AMA 1000cc categories.

 Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing piloted a San Diego BMW Motorcycles built BMW S1000RR to take both FIM records in the naturally aspirated 1000cc class and two of the four possible AMA records for the naturally aspirated 1000cc class. Sills ran 218.736 MPH for the record in the FIM 1000cc Division B Type 1 Class 10 Multicylinder, which is a modifed, partially streamlined class, with his fastest pass of the event at a whopping 227.5 MPH.  Andy also set records at; 189.862 MPH for the record in the FIM 1000cc Division A Type 1 Class 10 Multicylinder, a “naked” or no fairings class,  217.429 MPH in AMA 1000cc MPS AF, a modified, partially streamlined fuel class, and 189.966 MPH in AMA 1000cc M AF, a modified, no fairings class.

 Erin Hunter ran 207.996 MPH for the third AMA record in the 1000cc MPS AG, a modified, partially streamlined gas class with a more traditionally faired BMW S1000RR.

 This was San Diego BMW Motorcycles second event teaming up with engine tuner, Shane Kinderis, owner of Alpine Performance in Australia, and crew chief for the Australian Superbike team Next Gen Motorsports.  The team is running a new fairing designed by Mike Verdugo of Catalyst Composites in Escondido, CA. This combination gave the team the fastest naturally aspirated motorcycle at the event, and third fastest run overall at 227.5 MPH.
 Hunter Sills Racing was once again chosen to pilot the bike, as their riders Erin Hunter and Andy Sills are avid high speed riders with a combined 21 years of Landspeed Racing competition. Together, Hunter and Sills have achieved 20 world and national landspeed records on a wide variety of motorcycles, ranging from a custom-built 50cc streamliner to the 220-horsepower, BMW S1000RR.

 Gary Orr, owner of San Diego BMW Motorcycles said, “After our success at SCTA Speedweek, we were looking forward to seeing how our bike would perform at BUB. The Alpine Performance tuned motor and Catalyst fairing design held up amazingly well under the brutal conditions on the salt, and even on the second week of running it, still continued to be very strong. Our senior race technician Cutrice Thom worked alongside Shane Kinderis again, and this pairing proved to be the best pit crew we could have had for this event. They did an excellent job of keeping the bike in peak performance, and I’m very pleased with our results. Our riders, Erin Hunter and Andy Sills also worked very hard and competed really well in several very competitive classes. I am extremely happy to see them take so many records at only the second event with this bike. Once again, we owe a great amount of success with this project to our technical partners, and a very large thank you to: ARP (Automotive Racing Products) Fasteners were used exclusively in this engine to ensure it stayed together under the incredible stresses. Maxima Oils: The Maxima 530RR was our insurance policy against excessive friction and heat. The full line of Maxima products were used to protect the bike from one of the harshest environments on the planet. Catalyst Composites, maker of all kinds of motorcycle racing bodywork. Alpha Racing, providers of high performance specialized engine parts. Sprint Filter, suppliers of the world’s finest air filters.”

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