Summit Racing–Line Marking Progress as Series Leaves Chicago

Line Marking Progress as Series Leaves Chicago
JOLIET, Ill. (June 30, 2013) – Summit Racing Pro Stock driver Jason Line was able to identify areas of success as well as a few trouble spots that need a little more fine-tuning over the course of the weekend at Route 66 Raceway near Chicago. The Mooresville, N.C.-based competitor had one of the quickest cars at the critical early incremental markers on the racetrack throughout qualifying and on raceday, and the important progress should be a building block as Team Summit continues their journey towards refreshing a championship-worthy program.
Line tucked away a 6.590 to 6.722 victory over Mark Martino in round one at the Route 66 NHRA Nationals and got the jump start on Jeg Coughlin in their second round meeting but fell into tire shake and gave up the advantage. Coughlin inched ahead for the 6.595 to 6.642 win, but Line counted the positives and is aiming to continue his consistent progress as the Countdown to the Championship comes into view.
“I was pretty happy with the 60-foot times we saw with my Summit Racing Camaro,” said Line, who qualified the blue Summit Racing Chevrolet Camaro in the No. 6 position with a best time of 6.584 at 209.33 mph. “That was good, and if we hadn’t shaken in the second round, we would have won that round and it would have made all the difference in our day. We would have gone down a decidedly different path. But still, the Summit Racing team took a step forward. We didn’t have the performance that we were looking for this weekend, but we made some strides.”
Line was particularly pleased to see his Summit Racing teammate Greg Anderson make progress this weekend with the new white Summit Racing Camaro. Anderson recorded his best qualifying performance since the race in Atlanta earlier this year and finished in the final round – his first of the season, while Line won the race in Houston. 
“This didn’t start out to be a very good year for us in terms of what this KB Racing team is used to,” admitted Line. “We’ve both struggled, but maybe Greg has struggled a little bit more, so it’s good to see him have a weekend like this. It certainly helped his situation points-wise, and anytime you get to the final, it’s a good day.”
Anderson moved up to the No. 7 position in the Pro Stock standings, and Line preserved his possession of the No. 4 spot. The Summit Racing duo will have another chance to move up in the series standings in just a few days, when the circuit makes its annual stop in Norwalk at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, their title sponsors main event.
“The Summit Racing team is pretty excited to get back to Norwalk,” said Line. “It’s a race we look forward to all year. Every team goes through a little bit of a slump, but thankfully, it looks like we’re working our way out of this. It’s a gradual process, but hopefully, we’ll make Summit Racing proud next weekend. This race in Chicago was a good warm up, and we’re sure going to try to go a couple of steps further.”