Two In A Row For Permatex/Follow A Dream Team

One week after winning the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event in Cecil County, Md., and taking over the Eastern Region points lead, Jay Blake’s Permatex/Follow A Dream team scored again in Bowling Green, Ky. Driver Todd Veney beat perennial championship contender Mickey Ferro in the final round, tying low e.t. of the meet with a 5.67 against Ferro’s close 5.74.

“The car is back to running like it always used to, and it feels great to drive around a car as fast as Mickey’s,” Veney said. “We had  a few bad races and it looked like we were out of the championship picture, but Jay said that if we won Cecil County, we were going to Bowling Green and we ended up winning them both. The whole team owes a big thanks to Scott DeWitt and Craig and Clay Michaud, who stepped in for guys on the team who had to miss this weekend because of work commitments.”

The team qualified No. 2 with a 5.69, two-hundredths behind Chris Foster, and opened eliminations with a narrow win over Ray Drew, 5.76 to 5.74. “It was a great weekend,” Blake said. “What the team accomplished is a true example of determination and team effort, and now we’re headed for the biggest race of the year coming off of back-to-back wins.”