Anderson Prepared to Have Fun During ‘Biggest Weekend’

Anderson Prepared to Have Fun During ‘Biggest Weekend’

Mooresville, N.C., July 4, 2012 – At this weekend’s Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, current Full Throttle Pro Stock championship leader Greg Anderson and his teammate Jason Line will face a challenge that no other professional competitor will have to deal with throughout the course of the year.  For starters, they will be racing in their sponsor’s event for the third time this season, with the stakes raised even further by the fact that the racetrack also bears the name of the high performance mail-order parts leader.

As if that were not enough, Summit Motorsports Park is located just an hour’s drive away from the company’s headquarters, ensuring that many of the employees will be in the stands cheering the KB Racing crew on.  Finally, on Saturday Anderson and Line will be among eight Pro Stock drivers racing for a $50,000 winner’s prize in the K&N Horsepower Challenge specialty race, where Anderson comes in as the two-time defending champion.

With all that on their plate, it would be understandable if Anderson approached this weekend with some trepidation.  However, the four-time champion’s take is quite the opposite.

“This is without a doubt the biggest weekend of the year for this Summit Racing team,” said Anderson.  “However, with the K&N Horsepower Challenge on Saturday, it is also the most fun event.  Naturally, on Sunday, we’ll be going for our fifth win of the season in our sponsor’s race, getting as many Full Throttle points as we can, but the day before we’ll be having a great time racing for the big pay day without worrying about points, doing what we can to help a lucky fan win a new truck.

“I’ve been very fortunate in the Challenge, winning it a few times, including the last two years, and we’re going back this year looking for the hat trick.  I’ll tell you there is nothing better than seeing the expression on that fan’s face when they realize they have just won the big prize because of you.

“I can’t wait to get to Norwalk – I love the racetrack, the facility, the people who run it, the name of the place and all the Summit employees who will come out to cheer us on.  As far as we’re concerned, it’s the perfect place to have this race.  We’re proud to race there and proud to carry the Summit name on our doors.”

This race will also be the first opportunity for the KB Racing team to display their sleek new Camaros to their primary sponsor.  With limited testing and only three races, the Chevrolet has already shown glimpses of its future potential, with Anderson’s win and runner-up finish the best of any brand during that same period.

“We’re anxious to show off our new Camaros to everyone at Summit,” said Anderson. “We’ve been to a couple races across the country with them and the buzz has been tremendous at every track we’ve been to.  They are beautiful cars, and we can’t wait to show them to the people who are paying for them.  I know they are going to love them – they picked out the colors and the paint scheme, but haven’t gotten to see them in person yet.  They’ve done such a great job designing them, it will be a cool thing to see the look on their faces when they see them in person.

“The cars are coming around slowly but surely.  We’re not yet where we need to be performance-wise, but they drive and handle beautifully and race really well.  We just need a little more speed out of them, which will come with time.  At this point it’s just fine tuning.

“There’s no need to reinvent the wheel because they already are sound, consistent cars.  Based on the knowledge we gained in Chicago, we expect to have a better product on the racetrack this weekend. One win and two final rounds in the first three races is not a bad start, but we hope to win every race we go to.  Still, I’m very proud of the new car’s performance and my race team for adapting to it as quickly as they have.  We’re looking to extend that string of success this weekend, and we couldn’t pick a better place to do it.”