Introducing Racing to Remember

Racing to Remember started last year when Rich Bodmer ( driver) was approached by Racing World Magazine to build a rally
cross car from the ground up. The idea was to fabricate a car and document it step by step so that anyone could do it themselves without any difficulty.

Last year, of course, was the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 so Rich came up with the idea of building a tribute car to the 343 firefighters who perished (this was an issue very close to his heart; Rich witnessed first-hand the devastation of the attacks and had spent all day at Ground Zero helping out as much as he could.) He went to Racing World Magazine with the idea (which they liked) and that’s pretty much how it started. Rich contacted Rally America and changed his car number to 343, and began to search for a charity that firefighters could really benefit from. He approached Friends of Firefighters with the idea, and they immediately came on board.

The car has been in two races so far, and is doing a number of appearances in various locations in New Jersey. Proceeds from any of the races or decal sales that we make during any event goes to Friends of Firefighters. Our goal is to put garner as much attention and funds as we can for Friends of Firefighters (