Wild Brothers Racing

Wild Brothers Racing began the Land Speed season last weekend.  Bill Warner flew to TX to meet up with Billy Shoemaker for the season’s opener at the Texas Mile in Beeville TX.  Billy Shoemaker is riding the “Streetbike” this year and Bill Warner will be riding the others, but not until June after he is fully recovered from his bad accident back in October 2011.

The weekend did not go as planned.  First run of the meet was a test run to check the tune on the bike.  On this test run, we turned off the AMS1000 boost controler and ran on spring pressure plus what ever little boost creep there is.  The bike is set up beautifully and ran 240mph, not realizing the incredible speed the bike did on its lowest setting, Billy went to deep into shutdown and came upon the end of the track going faster then he wanted to.  He had it under control, but unfortunately, he did pick up a cone along the way.  Billy and the bike went down around 25-30 mph.  Billy is doing fine and went home on Monday from the 3 day stay in the hospital.  He broke 4 ribs, 3 of them have multiple brakes and punctured a lung.  The hole in the lung closed up after the 2nd day and no chest tube was needed.

Thanks you for your continued support. The “StreetBike” and Billy are recovering nicely and will be back racing May/June.