Hauser Racing News from Europe

After seemingly an eternity of delays, not enough spare time and last minute hang ups we finally debuted the new Hauser Racing dragster in mid August. Although the car took longer than expected to complete, the wait was definitely worth it. The car was set up in the workshop and then went arrow straight on its first run and drove like a Cadillac. This is the first dragster we have built with suspension and the ride is great. It’s interesting to see how much the shocks actually travel during a run and I’m sure they help greatly in keeping the car on the straight and narrow.
Our first proper race event was the Euro Finals at Santa Pod. We qualified 16th out of 48 cars and went a couple of rounds before an 0.002 red light ended our day. We are currently using a fairly mild 509 Chevy motor and our best is 8.06 @ 164mph. A step up to something bigger is planned for the winter, nothing too wild, probably something to run mid-sevens should still be consistent. In the UK we race in a bracket that spans from 6.00 to 8.99 and delay boxes and throttle stops are banned so we don’t want to make it too difficult for ourselves.