Tim Allison Update

The final race of the season  was held last night at Limaland Motorsports Park with another gtreat crowd and car count, again as most of the season lady luck has been with us when it comes to the pill draw and nothing was different last night as we drew dead last again in the second heat so again we had our work cut out for us,we charged to the front and finished a good solid 3rd and that got us qualified for the feature and with the inversion that had us starting in the 8th position for the 25 lap feature,
since it was the last race of the season we thought we would try few different things and see what would happen and we got going good for about the first 6 -8 laps and things was looking pretty goo and jumped the cushion and lost a few spots and in the end we faded to finish 14th overall, not what we expected but we didn’t tear it up for the 10 lap king of the quater miles race
So for the 10 lap shootout we changed the car again and the car wa sreally nice now and in the 10 lap shootout it is pretty much a win it or wear it kind a race and on the first start we came out leading the race and for some reason the called the start back,not what we needed, on the second restart we ran side by side for 4-5 laps with us on the cushion and the other car in the middle and it wa shaping up to be a great race and then we got racing with another car in the picture and all 3 of us was going for the lead and few laps later we spun out,but the car was really nice!!!!  so learned few things that will really help us out, but the season is over at limaland motorsports park for the year
our next race looks like we are canada bound for the canadian nationals in the middle of spetember and one more race at eldora speedway oct. 2
so till our next update thanks again for all your help and continued support and have a great day!! thanks. tim allison