Matt Lennen Update

Hello again, wanted to send out another quick update.  It’s been a long month of waiting on parts to trickle in, but we got the last few pieces we were waiting on towards the end of last week.  Got everything back together on the car and made it back out to the track Sunday to test out the new suspension, Weld wheels, and new M/T tires.

The track we ran the car at was mediocre at best, its a small local track, Mason Dixon dragway.  It’s known to be a few tenths slower than some other tracks, and sits around 650ft above sea level.  Temps outside were in the mid 90’s with high humidity.  All of that aside, after a few initial passes just feeling out the suspension, we made 2 full passes, both of which were new bests for the car.

First full pass:

60ft  – 1.44
1/8mi – 6.015 @ 121.18mph
1/4mi – 9.246 @ 151.36mph

Second full pass:

60ft  – 1.42
1/8mi – 5.911 @ 119.70
1/4mi – 9.177 @ 150.23

Tires only spun slightly on the last pass, got the tires a little too hot.  Rear view video of the pass from the gopro can be seen at  – we didnt take any pictures as this was just a quick test day.  More videos posted from other people can be seen at

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