Kathy Fisher Reports In

The team just returned from our NHRA National in Bristol late yesterday afternoon. Shortly before we were to leave, the person who had committed to be a part of our team as crew for the 2011 season……quit. Just didn’t show up at shop and we don’t feel he was going to tell us either. L!
Thanks to a whole lot of folks pitching in when they could, from friends who were there racing (some just there to watch) to neighbors at the track we just met…we were able to get done what we needed to…when we needed to. (gotta love drag racers…..a bunch of awesome folks!) They ran Super Comp and Top Dragster back to back….it was crazy.
We had terrible tire shake again first pass in the TD. Made some changes and got rid of most of it for the 2nd Q…but Kevin had to get out of it down track. After the 2nd session, we were just 8 thou shy of making the field. And thanks to rain…TD lost its 3rd Q session. We were #33 and lucky for us, were able to get in as the only alternate.
Not really knowing what we would run…we put a dial on it and went for it! Kevin did have the guy by a hundredth on the tree but just couldn’t quite run what we thought. Car, however (after a few more changes)….no tire shake….really nice launch! It was great that we were at least able to make another hit and got some pretty good results to take with us to Norwalk!

Over in Super Comp….well…I made it two rounds on Saturday (J!) before the plug was pulled on 3rd round Saturday night. The extensive rain delay on Sunday caused us to have to wait to run 3rd round until after 6:30p! L Crew Chief Pro was telling me two different extremes depending on what run I used as a base to get stop numbers. L! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I just wanted to make sure I could get there, so I guess I went off the wrong pass. I had a small 8 thou advantage off the line and while I knocked off about 17 mph (and nearly 5 hundredths after studying the pass)…I broke out — 8.889 and took way too much stripe. Flat messed up…and I just don’t dial my car to run that fast and was a little TOO worried about his MPH being so much higher than mine. All I can say is shame on me….and move on! lol
I was still pretty pleased with going farther at an NHRA National than I ever have before! Looking very much forward to building on that this week!