John Robinson Updates on the Diesel Dragster Season

We had an awesome weekend & the car is back on track, the new converter was the ticket……It was an 1/8 mile track & it ran a 5.51 first pass. 5.48 the second pass & a 6.60 in the final against the Scheid rail, neither one of us had our turbos spooled when the light went green & we both left the line soft. Our chargers lit at the 100` mark & my competitor went sideways when his chargers lit. That puts this team at 6 & 2 vs the quickest diesel in the world & also makes it the winningest diesel in the Pro dragster class. It was not a pretty win but sometimes the guy that screws up the least comes out on top….LOL. This event had 15,000 tickets sold & many more just hanging in the parking lot, the exposure was very good & It is has been the largest diesel event we have attended to date.
As we were driving to the event we did a re cap of the events , miles traveled & people we have talked to. So far we gave been to 11 races & 18,000 miles added to our odometer on the freightliner. There is no good way to tell how many people we have been in contact with but it’s got to be a lot. There are 2 more events on the schedule, The ORiley Fall Nationals in Ennis which is on Sept 24,25,26 & the Big Rig show in Charlotte NC. on Oct 8 & 9.