It has been a busy 8 weeks for us, like most folks in the performance industry.  While trade shows are an enormous amount of work (and catch-up when we get home), we love seeing our customers on the road.  Our booths looked great, in large part thanks to our customers and partners.  We love seeing what you do with our product.  Thank you for making us look so good.
Professional Motorsport Show, Cologne Germany

IMIS, Indianapolis Indiana

PRI, Orlando FL

Dirt Knights on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Auto racing is the most popular spectator sport in America, and the hottest spectator sport in the world is hottest in the dirt.

With no less than 20,000 men and women competing nationwide on any given weekend, the open-wheel dirt modified is by far the most popular and most widely-used style of race car circling America’s dirt tracks today.

And on Sunday nights, racing fans around the world will have the best seat in the house – the one in their living room.

The long-awaited debut of Dirt Knights – the dirt track racing docu-drama television series –  appeared Sunday night at 6 p.m. Eastern, 5 p.m. Central on the VERSUS cable network, with a relay on thursdays at 4:00pm central, the resonse has been INCREDIBLE!

Dirt Knights is an on-going dramatic series of one-hour programs that will air twice a week for 13 weeks with each episode reaching more than 75 million households.

VERSUS is the fastest growing cable sports network in the nation, is broadcast in high-definition and can be seen nationally on DirecTV (channel 603), Dish Network (channel 151) and regionally on most cable systems, including Mediacom and Time Warner.

For the first time on television, the high-octane lifestyle of the tireless touring titans behind the wheel of a USMTS Modified will be revealed as Dirt Knights captures the on- and off-track excitement at more than two dozen events, including every race during the Hunt for the USMTS National Championship.

As thrilling as these drivers’ lives are on the track, the life they lead off the track is just as intense. They eat dirt and drive hard late into the evening then try to unwind the only way they know how: at 100 mph. An all-night road trip follows and, if they’re lucky, a couple hours of sleep before they reach the next patch of dirt.

For the first time, that high-octane lifestyle will be revealed in high definition.

USMTS drivers Corey Dripps, Ryan Gustin, Al Hejna, Dereck Ramirez, Mike Spaulding and Jon Tesch are the Dirt Knights. While life has taken them in unique directions, all of them have one thing in common: a hunger for the checkered flag. Night after night from town to town, the Knights seek out a life of danger and on-the-edge-thrills.

“This is a project that has been in the works for more than two years now,” said Dripps. “For some, racing is a hobby and for others it’s how we make our living, but either way, we all love and respect this sport. We hope that people will tune in and be entertained, but at the same time we want to convey what the racing life is really all about.”

The life of an American dirt track racer is not one that many could endure, but for the Dirt Knights it’s the only life worth living, and through the Dirt Knights television series on VERSUS, we all get to go along for the wild ride.

Filming of Dirt Knights began in June and continued through September, capturing the action as the drivers battle in the Hunt for the USMTS National Championship.

“We’re going to be an excellent addition to their Sunday night schedule of programming,” said Spaulding. “It’s the perfect time for the millions of dirt track racers and fans to tune in and catch our unique brand of hard-charging, dirt track racing. And it wouldn’t be the Dirt Knights without a little good old-fashioned off-track antics.

“We couldn’t be more excited than to have the opportunity to work with VERSUS,” said Dirt Knights’ Mike Spaulding. “They are the leader in action sports coverage and have done a fantastic job covering the Izod IndyCar Series.”

Visit on the World Wide Web for more information or to view the trailer. Also look for Dirt Knights on Facebook and Twitter.

Brianna Leigh Blintzler Crosses Over

Just wanted to let you know Brianna made her cross over passes in the Jr. Comp car for her Quarter Mile License on Saturday at Speedworld!
Pass #1  /  Moderate Pass  —  11.1458 @ 117.22 mph
Pass #2  /  Full Pass  —  9.7287 @ 135.24 mph
Pass #3  /  Full Pass  —  9.7309 @ 134.33 mph
The air temps were in the mid 40’s to mid 50’s.  The track was mediocre at best.  Brianna ended up manually shifting the car because of the track conditions. 

Hairston Year End (late on my part)

Wow, please accept my apology.  The chaos of the SEMA/IMIS/PRI shows made this one fall off the radar.  Thanks to the Hairston team for keeping us in the loop and best of luck in 2011.

(November 2010) – Clint “The Milkman” Hairston has won the 2010 Pacific Street Car Association Pro Street World Championship driving the Hairston Motorsports and Racing Jerry Bickel built 2007 GTO powered by a Duttweiler Performance 377 CID twin turbocharged small block Chevy.

Hairston finished the season with a 75 point lead over John Scialpi’s beautiful blown 57 Chevy.  “John was really coming on strong in the second half of the season but we got the job done based our strong first half of the season performance,” commented Clint.  “We are really excited about next year because Duttweiler has just finished our new engine which should be up on power over our old reliable 377 engine.  I think 5 second runs will happen in 2011,” Hairston further stated.

Hairston currently holds the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) Pro Street National E.T. (6.084) and MPH (239.44) records and the West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA) National Speed record (240.77 mph).

Inside Peek

You see car photos everywhere on the web and in magazines.  Have you ever wondered what it takes to get those sharp shots?  Recently we worked with Bryan Fuller (Fuller Hot Rods, Atlanta) and Steve Strope (Pure VIsion Designs, Simi Valley) to create a poster celebrating their creations (of course featuring ARP) and the killer awards they each won at SEMA.  Come see us at the PRI show for your copy!
 Here are a few snaps and a preview.

Race Report Week Ending 11/14/10

Phoenix International Raceway
Camping World Truck Series- Lucas Oil 15-Todd Bodine
Nationwide Series- Wypall 200- Carl Edwards
Sprint Cup- Cobalt tools 500- Carl Edwards


ARP is Proud to Sponsor East Ridge High School in the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow

The School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) will award $202,000 in
scholarships to six high school automotive teams competing at the Hot
Rodders of Tomorrow National Championship at the 2010 SEMA Show.
Team MSD from Eastern Oklahoma Tech Center, Team Auto Meter from Loara
High School, Team ARP from East Ridge High School, Team PRW from Fremd
High School, Team Edelbrock from North Orange County ROP and Team
Painless from Lakeshore High School will all be competing in the
National Championship Playoffs November 2–5, 2010, in Las Vegas.

Students must properly disassemble the engine using only hand tools,
utilizing proper detorque and disassembly procedure, including the air
cleaner, carb, distributor, plug wires, spark plugs, manifold, headers,
heads, lifters, rocker arms, push rods, timing chain and cover. Then the
oil filter, oil pan, oil pump, plus all eight pistons are removed. The
cam and crank remain in the block. The team then returns behind their
bench and waits for the judges to call them back. Teams then begin
working to reassemble once again with the correct assembly procedure and
torque specs, all while being viewed by judges and spectators.
Time-added penalties for dropped components, improper disassembly,
assembly, sportsmanship, etc., will be added to ensure correct assembly.
All procedure penalties are in the rule book provided to the schools at
the start of the school year. The engines, when reassembled, would fire
up and run if gas, water and oil were added. The team with the fastest
time, including penalty minutes, wins.

Hairston Motorsports & Racing Qualifies First And Goes To The Finals

The Hairston Motorsports & Racing team just attended the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) Accufab West Coast Nationals, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Clint “The Milkman” Hairston of Bakersfield qualified first on Saturday out of a 12 car lineup, achieving both the low ET and top MPH of the day (6.18 @ 237 mph).

The race was challenging with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees over the weekend.  Hairston and his Jerry Bickel built 2007 GTO raced Randy Walker and his 1974 Chevrolet El Camino in the first round of eliminations.  Hairston running a 6.479 @ 229 mph, took the win over Walker running a 6.99 @ 153 mph.  In the second round Hairston was able to beat the heat with an amazing run. Up against Tony Marino and his 57’ Chevy Bel Air, the Hairston team stepped it up, knowing that a win would automatically advance him to the finals and that’s exactly what they did.  Hairston managed to beat his qualifying time the previous day running an astonishing 6.18 @ 241.54 mph, making that his fastest run yet.  In the final round Hairston was up against John Scalpi in his beautiful 57’ Chevy Bel Air.  Unable to keep up with John running a 6.34 @ 255 mph, Clint happily took a very close second, with a 6.48 @ 235 mph.

Hairston still holds the Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) Pro Street National E.T. and MPH record that was set at Fontana on May 23, 2010 (6.084 @ 238.30 mph) and the West Coast Hot Rod Association (WCHRA) national speed record that was set in Famoso on July 17, 2010. (240.77 mph)

Megan Meyer Featured at CDRA

Central Drag Racing Association, CDRA, hosts its Fall Bracket Classic event on October 9th and 10th at Kansas City International Raceway. Featured in the race, was Megan Meyer, running her junior dragster and super comp dragster on both days. With $4,000 given for the winner of the super pro class and $75 for the junior dragster class, Megan Meyer was encouraged to go rounds and make it to the winners circle. With new racers at the track, competition was more present and tougher, and the stakes were higher. She did well as she tried her best to beat the competition, unfortunately unable to pass 4th round in the super pro class with her 2007 Mullis super comp dragster. With her 2006 Mx2 junior dragster, she did not do so favorably, as she lost in third round. Megan’s next race is the NHRA Division 5 National Open held on October 16th and 17th at Kansas City International Raceway.

Showtime Racing FIA European Finals

After the excellent performances at Hockenheim we were all looking forward to the Eurofinals. Friday was scheduled for the usual pre race checks and warm up ready for running over the weekend.

Bob had made a few changes to the fuel management system and clutch after Hockenheim and everything was working OK.

Jumping forward to Sunday evening, to come away from a meeting having made 3 runs in the low to mid fives we would have been reasonably happy. However the times and speeds don’t always tell the whole story!

The first run on Saturday was going pretty well until just before half track when a chute popped out, John still going through the 1/8th at over 200mph and a 5.58 secs at 240mph at the stripe. While Gordon in the other lane took out the top end timing reflectors.

First sign that all was not well was when the pan was dropped to reveal aluminium shavings in the oil. The Brad V8 had only got pistons in 7 of its cylinders. Miraculously there was no damage to the crank but slight damage to the head around the affected cylinder.

Second run had John through the 1/8th in 3.5secs at 230mph then a fire erupted as he went through the lights. Fire crew were quickly on the scene (thank you and well done guys) but John had got off the track and was out of the car A-OK – a different story with the car.

The fire was due to throwing 2 rods. The block was in a sorry state with 2 holes in 1 side and 1 rod sticking out of the other. The fire had also virtually destroyed all the wiring and air lines on the car, even starting to melt the inside wall of the left front tyre. There was also charring around the wheel arch.

Putting in the spare motor is a fairly routine operation, the rest not so. The car had to be virtually rebuilt. The crew deserve immense credit and thanks for their efforts in this respect; it was almost 2 a.m. before they called it a night. There were still a few small jobs to finish off when they came back a few hours later.

Sundays run again started well, going through the 1/8th in 3.48 secs at 234mph, then flames from the car again through the top end. John and fire crews into action.

The head gaskets had blown on the 2 rear cylinders. Looking at the computer data from that run the blower stopped working after approx 3.2 seconds, the blower drive had sheared.

The decision made itself really; we didn’t have the time or spares to get the car ready for another run, so that was the end of our 2010 racing season

Thank you to all our sponsors for their support this year, the crew for their continued dedication, the fans for cheering us on and last but not least all the track crews and officials for making the racing possible.

The Showtime FC will be making 1 more appearance this year, courtesy of David Lloyd-Jones and Santa Pod Raceway, it will be on their stand at the Classic Car Show at the NEC November 12th –14th

Thank you again for all your support – see you in 2011

Race Winners Week Ending 10/10/10

AutoClub Speedway, Fontana California
Nationwide Series- Camping World 300- Kyle Busch
Sprint Cup- Pepsi Max 400- Tony Steward



Three weeks after and 60 miles south of the originally scheduled date, the final round of the Lucas Oil Series event that began in Englishtown, N.J., was completed in Atco, N.J. The race between reigning world champion Frank Manzo and Permatex/Follow A Dream driver Todd Veney ended abruptly when the output shaft on the Permatex Chevy broke about 100 feet off the starting line, sending Manzo to a 5.63 win.
“It was a lousy way to lose, but Frank’s hard to beat under any circumstances,” Veney said. “The car got into some tire shake in low gear and the output shaft took the brunt of it. Overall, it was still a good race for us. The final-round finish got us back up to sixth place in the national standings, and we just about have second place in the Division [behind Manzo] wrapped up.”
Eliminations for the Atco event were postponed by cold, wet weather that track officials felt was unsafe for racing. Veney landed in the top half of the field with a backpedaling 5.84 at 238 mph on his lone qualifying attempt. The team is number 4 on the grid and has a first-round matchup with Dan Pomponio of nearby Berlin, N.J.
The only race left on the Permatex/Follow A Dream team’s 2010 slate is the Toyo Tires Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa., Blake’s favorite event of the year. “It’s the race where the whole dream began in 1998, the biggest race of the year to me,” Blake said. “I had two speaking engagements this week that went really well and spoke before 1,400 people.  The whole team and I are really looking forward to this weekend.”

Race Winners Week Ending 9/26/10

Camping World Truck Series- Las Vegas V- Smith’s Food and Drug Stores 350- Austin Dillon
Nationwide Series- Dover, DE- Dover 200- Kyle Busch
Sprint Cup Series- Dover, DE- Dover AAA 400- Jimmie Johnson


Heinricy’s IsoTorque Phoenix Performance Corvette Ready for SCCA Runoffs

Corvette vs. Ferrari vs. Dodge Viper battle highlights annual event –                                                                                               
In six of the seven times John Heinricy raced a Chevrolet Corvette in the Sports Car Club of America’s prestigious National Championship Runoffs, he has won his class in the Club’s most-prestigious event.
National Champion Scott Tucker defends his 2009 title this year with a Ferrari, but Heinricy has returned to the T1 class with the IsoTorque Phoenix Performance Corvette C6 to challenge both Tucker, and John Buttermore, who finished third in 2009 in a Corvette, but who has now armed himself with a 10-cylinder Dodge Viper.
Joe Aquilante’s Phoenix Performance LLC., group from Phoenixville, Pa., built the IsoTorque Corvette C6 for Heinricy, updating it to 2010 LS3 Grand Sports specifications.
The Runoffs, held on the legendary 4.048-mile Road America circuit near Elkhart Lake, Wis., have qualifying al this week. The Touring 1 class race will take the green flag at 9:30am ET on Sunday, Sept. 26.
The weekend’s events will be broadcast live on the internet at, including the T-1 race Sunday at 9:30am ET
Heinricy, of Holly, MI, is a retired General Motors executive, whose name has long been associated with ultra-high performance cars, notably Corvettes. In 241 professional sports car races since 1984, he has raced a GM-powered car 239 of those races.
His 11 Runoffs wins, the most of all active SCCA drivers, came in race-prepared Corvettes, Camaros, Firebirds and Cobalts, and in four Runoffs classes. He also has two Road America wins in pro series races.
Heinricy did a Runoffs tuneup weekend at Road America’s famous June Sprints weekend, winning the T-1 class.
“This championship-winning program is the result of a good blend of top-shelf car preparation by the Phoenix Performance crew, hopefully my driving experience and skill, and technical and financial support from Torvec – the manufacturer of the IsoTorque differential we use,” Heinricy said.
Heinricy is a consultant to Torvec, in Rochester, N.Y., helping the company develop the IsoTorque differential, which will be available in the first quarter of 2011 for fifth and sixth generation Corvettes, and an application for fifth generation Camaros.
The Phoenix Performance/IsoTorque Corvette project also receives technical and product assistance, from Hoosier Tire, Rockland Standard Gear, Ron Davis Racing Radiators, ARP fasteners, CCW wheels, SKF Wheel Bearings, Brembo brakes, Hawk brake pads, and
“The car itself isn’t the only component vital to giving yourself the best odds for the Runoffs,” Heinricy said. “Road America has many 90-degree turns with heavy braking going into them from high speeds. Without the best wheel bearings, brake components and tires, you’re short-changing yourself and your team.”

Race Winners Week Ending 9/19/2010

Camping World Truck Series- Loudon New Hampshire, The 175- Kyle Busch
Sprint Cup Series- Sylvania 300- Clint Bowyer

OReilly Auto Parts NHRA Nationals

Racer News and Results