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Cruz Pedregon Houston Preview

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA Spring Nationals – Houston
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team will debut a new Snap-on Toyota chassis in Houston that will run full-time after this weekend. “It’s a terrific opportunity for us to have a fresh car on a track that’s been good to us in the past,” Pedregon says. “We always enjoy the races here in Texas. Since we’ve won here at Royal Purple three times before, the plan is to make it a nice even four wins.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We made a couple of test runs with the new chassis before we left Las Vegas, and we like what we were able to accomplish. We’re looking forward to great results this weekend.”

Cruz spent some time in Houston visiting Snap-on franchise customers and doing media interviews before Friday’s qualifying rounds.

On the side of Cruz’s car this week –
If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of local Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Ryan Kasper. Ryan has had his Snap-on franchise business since 1995 and says his interest started with a borrowed wrench. He needed something that would take a bolt off his four-wheeler, and his neighbor loaned him a Snap-on tool. Ryan also had two great uncles who sold Snap-on products, so the brand has long been a part of his family tree. He says he enjoys coming to the track and that “there’s nothing like the smell of nitro in the stands.”

Cruz Pedregon Gainesville Preview

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA Gatornationals – Gainesville, FL
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team have the Snap-on Toyota tuned and ready for Gainesville. “We’re planning on a good string of runs like we’ve had at the Gatornationals as number one qualifier four years in a row,” Cruz says. “It felt great to have a career best 333 mph in Phoenix. Hitting the top speed of the meet has gotten us fired up for the weekend ahead.” Continue reading Cruz Pedregon Gainesville Preview

NHRA® Team Report NHRA Arizona Nationals – Phoenix Pre-Race Report

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA Arizona Nationals – Phoenix
Pre-Race Report

Energized by a quarterfinals showing in the first race of the season, Cruz Pedregon and team are looking forward to what the Snap-on Toyota can do in Phoenix this week. “We’re getting our newer team members in tune with what we can make happen each week at the track, and that takes patience and encouragement,” Cruz says. “A round win and some strong runs in the first weekend of the regular season really demonstrated to them how it will pay off for us to all be on the same page when we hit the track in Phoenix this weekend.” Continue reading NHRA® Team Report NHRA Arizona Nationals – Phoenix Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon Pomona Pre-Race

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Winternationals – Pomona, CA

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is serious about success in the season ahead with a new chassis for the Snap-on Toyota and the addition of racing veteran Glen Huszar as assistant crew chief. “We ended last season getting the numbers we wanted and more consistency in our runs, and we are upping our game from that good place this year,” Cruz says. “Aaron (Brooks), the team and I finished the season with Glen helping us out in Vegas and Pomona, and we all liked what we could make happen together. It’s already working well with the 3.89 run at 330 mph we made during testing. That’s the fastest run ever for me at 1,000 ft.”
Continue reading Cruz Pedregon Pomona Pre-Race

Snap-on Renews Contract with NHRA Funny Car Driver Cruz Pedregon

Snap-on Renews Contract with NHRA
Funny Car Driver Cruz Pedregon

POMONA, Calif. – Nov. 10, 2017 – Snap-on is pleased to announce the extension of its contract with two-time National Hot Rod Association Funny Car World Champion Cruz Pedregon. The primary sponsorship agreement runs for three seasons, extending through 2020, the 100th anniversary of Snap-on.

“Cruz has been a valued member of the Snap-on team since 1992 when he won his first NHRA Funny Car championship. He’s had some spectacular runs and wins during our many seasons together, and we’re looking forward to many more,” says Yvette Morrison, vice president of marketing for Snap-on Tools Group. “Cruz continues to be a winner with our franchisees, customers and associates. He is a great ambassador for our brand.

“It’s a relationship that goes beyond the track and into the shops along the drag racing route. Customers always enjoy talking tools and cars with Cruz,” added Morrison. “That customer connection is very much inline with the Snap-on brand, and continuing our partnership with Cruz as a driver in the NHRA, showcases our products with fans of the sport, many of whom are also Snap-on fans.”

“I am thrilled to continue our partnership with Snap-on and to know we will be part of this great company for its 100th anniversary,” Pedregon says. “Snap-on and I have been together for more than a quarter century, and I look forward to the years ahead representing one of the most respected brands in the world. It’s a terrific relationship, and one the team and I are glad to be a part of. We’re proud to wear the Snap-on logo and pleased to be able to use the best professional tools in our pits.”

Pedregon’s 35 NHRA Funny Car career wins places him No. 6 all time. He has 75 career final round appearances.

Cruz Pedregon Pomona Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Finals – Pomona, CA

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team are looking forward to the season wrap-up in Pomona, California as part of the Countdown and to an announcement scheduled prior to Friday’s qualifying rounds. “It will be great to share good news at a track in my home state and at the final race of the season…a race the team and I’ve won before,” Cruz says. “The season has been one of adjustments and re-adjustments, all leading up to good numbers, a spot in the Countdown and a career best run in Vegas two weeks ago.” Continue reading Cruz Pedregon Pomona Advance

Cruz Pedregon Dallas Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Fall Nationals – Dallas, TX

Pre-Race Report

Some of Cruz Pedregon’s best racing memories have been made in Dallas, and he and the team are looking forward to making good things happen there again this weekend. “When some of the defining moments of your career are made at a track, it’s always a special place to come back to it…and that’s the way I feel about the Texas Motorplex,” Cruz says. “We wanted to be ready, so we took the nose off the body that was damaged last week after hitting the sand and got it ready for the weekend ahead. We’ll be running the breast cancer awareness paint scheme through October to share the work we’re doing with our sponsor Snap-on to support The Pink Fund. It’s a great organization that works to make it a little easier when someone is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and we want the fans in the stands and watching on FOX to see that name and know the resources available through this caring organization.” Continue reading Cruz Pedregon Dallas Advance

Cruz Pedregon and Sponsor Snap-on Bring Support for Breast Cancer Patients to the Track

Cruz Pedregon and Sponsor Snap-on Bring

Support for Breast Cancer Patients to the Track

Paint scheme, Saturday outreach help fund non-medical financial needs through

The Pink Fund

KENOSHA, WI (Sept. 27, 2017) – Gateway Raceway will be the kick-off for Breast Cancer Awareness month with Cruz Pedregon and Snap-on driving to bring attention to The Pink Fund®. The non-profit organization provides short-term financial assistance to cancer patients to cover non-medical living expenses. Continue reading Cruz Pedregon and Sponsor Snap-on Bring Support for Breast Cancer Patients to the Track

Cruz Pedregon–Reading Pre-Race

NHRA® Team Report
Dodge NHRA Nationals – Reading, PA
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and his Snap-on Funny Car team have their sights set on Maple Grove Raceway. The trees that line the facility in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish Country make the track beautiful, but they also make it fast. “The trees in the valley give off so much oxygen,” says Crew Chief Aaron Brooks. “Combine that with the low altitude there, and that means extra power. Plus, cool temperatures at night could mean quick elapsed times – and more qualifying points for us.” Continue reading Cruz Pedregon–Reading Pre-Race

Cruz Pedregon–Indianapolis Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA U.S. Nationals – Indianapolis

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is ready to show off what the Snap-on Toyota is capable of this weekend at “The Big Go.” “As a lifelong drag racing driver and fan, every race is important. But this race is as big as it gets, especially with the top 10 Playoffs spot right there for us to take,” Cruz says. “The team and I have been working long and hard for this, and with the point-and-a-half system at Indy, it’s definitely ‘go’ time for us.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “The tuning is set; Cruz is pumped; and we want to show fans at our home track and viewers on FOX and NHRA All Access what this car is all about. It’s been one of the most competitive seasons I can remember seeing in Funny Car, and I’m excited to be a part of it this year.”

An Open House is planned at the Cruz Pedregon Racing shop at 462 Southpoint Cir # A, in Brownsburg, Thursday, August 31 from 5 until 8 p.m. The event is open to the public, and firing up the Funny Car is on the agenda.

On the side of Cruz’s car this week –

If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Trey Reed. Previously a heavy equipment and airline mechanic, Trey has been a Snap-on franchisee for just over seven years and got his start after taking advice from his best friend, who is also a franchisee. His favorite part of the business is sharing his knowledge of tools with other tool lovers on his route. Trey’s also a big fan of the many programs and opportunities Snap-on offers its franchisees to help them reach their personal and career goals.

Cruz Pedregon–Brainerd Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals – Brainerd, Minn.

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team took the Snap-on Toyota to task at a match race before Brainerd, and it performed the way they plan for it to in the weekend ahead. “This top 10 position feels really good heading into the Playoffs. The car is doing just what we need it to do to move up in the standings in the next two critical races,” Cruz says. “We’ll take it a round at a time. But, running a 3.92 and a 3.93 before getting here has us in a good spot mentally and right where we want to be with our tuning.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’re ready to get a couple of rounds under our belt and qualify in the top five. As a team, we know we’ve got the Snap-on Toyota right where we want it. Cruz is feeling good, and so are we.”

This weekend, the Snap-on Toyota will be sporting its traditional paint scheme on the “El Jefe” body. Cruz’s El Guapo, the handsome one, body had some nose damage after a trip to the sand earlier this year. Cruz says the team is looking forward to the car living up to its name as “the chief.” To get a feel for what it’s like to go 322 mph in The Snap-on Toyota, check out Cruz’s recent video here.

Cruz Pedregon–Sonoma Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Nationals – Sonoma, CA

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is feeling momentum heading into Sonoma. “Our trip to the semi-finals last weekend demonstrates that things are coming together for the Snap-on Toyota. It’s really exciting for us to be in a Playoff spot, and we’re good with the plan we have for returning to sea level after Denver,” Cruz says. “I always look forward to being back in the state where I grew up and am excited about visiting the Oakland Raiders Team Camp Monday after this weekend’s race. We’d love it if some of those guys would come out to the track and watch the pros in our sport before heading out to the practice field. We have a lot of fun when the NHRA works with us to pay a visit to the Team Camp each year.” Cruz is such a dedicated Oakland fan, he plans to unveil a new Raiders helmet later this season in Indy.

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We had a little nose damage on the El Guapo body after hitting the sand, so fans will be seeing El Jefe in Sonoma. Everything is running well with the tune up, and we’re expecting great things for the fans at the track and those watching at home on FOX.”

On the side of Cruz’s car –

If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Phil Agnew. Phil was in consumer finance before starting his Snap-on franchise, and he says the two businesses actually have more in common than you’d think. But, he says he likes running his own business, and that’s why Snap-on is a good fit for him. Phil and Cruz have done a “Grill & Chill” event together with his customers, and he says he’ll have some of them here with him at the race this weekend. When he’s not at the track or running his Snap-on franchise, Phil is spending time with his family or doing mountain, road or cyclocross cycling.

Cruz Pedregon–Denver Advance

​NHRA® Team Report
Route 66 NHRA Nationals – Denver, CO

Pre-Race Report

The Funny Car race is on, and Cruz Pedregon and team are looking to advance from 10th place to an even higher spot in the 2017 National Championship Standings this weekend in Denver. “I’m a competitive guy, and so are my team members. We can’t wait for Denver. It’s one of the most difficult tracks on the NHRA circuit, but one of my favorites. Being live on FOX network is going to make it that much more fun,” Cruz says. “We’ve set a record in Denver before, and with the tuning on the car coming together the way we planned for it to, it should be a great weekend for the Snap-on Toyota.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’re on the upward side of getting the car down the track the way we want, and our round-wins have come about the point in the season we expected them to. So, even with some lower temps and possible rain early in the weekend, we see Denver as the place we’ll move up in the Playoffs lead.”

On the side of Cruz’s car –

If you’ll check the side of Cruz’s car this week, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Justin Aymond. Justin says every role model he’s had, including his dad, grandfather and uncle all used Snap-on tools, and Snap-on has been a part of his life…all of his life. He was a master mechanic prior to owning his Snap-on franchise and says “instead of buying the tools, I wanted to sell them” and help techs make their jobs easier. He held a contest for customers before this weekend’s race, and the 70-plus “giveaways” were tickets to see the Mile-High Nationals. To tell you how much he believes in the brand he represents, his cell-phone voice message is “Have a happy, Snappy day.”

Cruz Pedregon Chicago Advance

NHRA® Team Report

Route 66 NHRA Nationals – Chicago, IL

Pre-Race Report

It’s a big weekend for Cruz Pedregon and team as they head into Chicago working to hold on to a coveted spot in the playoffs. Chicago will mark Cruzer’s 1,000th NHRA round, a milestone for a driver who has grown up in the sport. “Drag racing is a calling for me, not just because it’s my family sport, but because it’s my passion. And, to be staging for the 1,000th time is a real thrill for me personally and professionally…it’s a real nod to our great sponsors who ensure we have the tools to bring this sport to its legions of fans and to the team that keeps the Snap-on Toyota tuned and ready each race,” says Cruz. “I’m looking forward to this weekend, especially since it’s the ‘home track’ of our primary sponsor Snap-on. They will be out here this weekend​,​ and we want to make it count.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’ve got our eye on the prize, and that’s the playoff berth. Cruz set a track record here in 2015, and we believe we have the momentum to do it again. Each week, we’re seeing gains in the program and Chicago is where we plan to see it pay off.”

On the side of Cruz’s car –

This weekend, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Eric Thomas. In his fifth year as a Franchisee, Eric learned about Snap-on working for the company that makes its mobile stores. Growing up enjoying racing, he used to focus on circle track and dirt racing…he even ran a drag car at a local track one season. His first NHRA race was right here in Joliet. Eric will be enjoying the race this weekend with a large group of friends and family.

Cruz Pedregon Norwalk Preview

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Summit Racing & Equipment Nationals – Norwalk

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team are moving the points needle in the right direction heading to Norwalk in the number 10 Funny Car spot. “The Snap-on Toyota is responding well on a hot track, something we’ve known about the car for years. But, we’ve made enough changes since last year that we’re working hard to see it even out and respond well under any condition,” says Cruz. “We’re seeing solid runs out of the car, which helps us focus and set our sights on winning a race and moving up in the rankings.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “The team and I would love to help Cruz bring home a first-time Norwalk race win. He’s got 35 career wins, and Norwalk would make a nice 36th. It’s a great track, with great fans, and, with the program we’re building, we are confident our best races are ahead of us this season.”

Name on the side of Cruz’s car – Norwalk

On the side of Cruz’s car this weekend, you’ll see the name of Snap-on Nitro Franchisee Doug Poole. He’s known to some in the region as “The Legend,” after 29 years in his Snap-on franchise business. He says his work isn’t selling tools…it’s helping people. He was a drummer for a rock band in his early career and a mechanic, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was a body man at a Studebaker plant. His Dad is still wrenching. He surprised his Dad this Father’s Day with his dream car…a 1964 Ford Galaxy.

Cruz Pedregon–Thunder Valley Nationals – Bristol Pre-Race Report

NHRA® Team Report

Thunder Valley Nationals – Bristol

Pre-Race Report

A quarter-final finish is what Cruz and team needed heading into Thunder Valley this weekend. The momentum is moving in the right direction according to Cruz, “We stopped in Indy to take a closer look at the clutch issue that kept us from going past the second round in Englishtown. So, look for us to have a better handle on that in Bristol. We’re seeing the other changes we’ve made throughout the season beginning to pay off, and we’re just seven points away from a place in the Countdown. We’ve really come a long way since the start of the season.”
Continue reading Cruz Pedregon–Thunder Valley Nationals – Bristol Pre-Race Report

NHRA– Epping Preview–Cruz Pedregon

NHRA® Team Report

New England Nationals – Epping, NH

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon is headed to the New England Nationals encouraged by a career best run in Kansas where a 3.88-second run at 326 and an earlier 3.92 at 324 showed more of what he believes the team and Snap-on Toyota are capable of. “The team is committed to ‘smart’ racing, getting the car down the track consistently and closer to that first win of the season,” Cruz says. “After these really good recent passes, we’re excited to see what the Snap-on Toyota can do for the crowd at Epping and the great NHRA fans watching on FOX.” Continue reading NHRA– Epping Preview–Cruz Pedregon

Cruz Pedregon Kansas Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Heartland Nationals – Topeka

Pre-Race Report

The Snap-on Toyota has been going through the rigors of testing prior to the race in Topeka this weekend. Something unique about these test runs is not having Cruz Pedregon, the team’s owner and driver, behind the wheel. With changes made after the Atlanta race, the team took advantage of having another licensed Funny Car driver in the Pedregon family to fill in during the runs. Cruz’s brother Tony, a long-time NHRA driver turned FOX Sports commentator, obliged the team by filling in for the runs and marked a career best 3.97.

“It was important to Aaron (Brooks – crew chief) to try out some of the changes we made before we loaded the car for Kansas, and it worked out well to have Tony available, approved and ready to drive the Snap-on Toyota for us while testing near the shop in Indy. I wouldn’t let just anyone drive my race car,” said Pedregon. “Every run this season we’ve been collecting data, and we’re going into Topeka ready to see the winning results we’ve been working towards.

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “Having your driver 2,000 miles away when you need to test does present a challenge, but not one we couldn’t overcome. Just like with the car, we’ve had our challenges this year, but we’re confident the work we’ve done over the past weeks will pay off.”

Cruz has had four previous Topeka wins and set a track record at Heartland Park in 2012.

On the Side of Cruz’s Car – Topeka

Local Snap-on Franchisee Rick Nichols is this week’s Nitro Franchisee. Rick enjoys being his own boss and says he loves supplying customers with “the best tools and the best service.” He’s a pro stock fan, even doing some of his own Quick 8’s racing in Kansas City and Topeka. He likes Funny Car, too, and spent time getting Cruz’s autograph at the races before. This weekend, Rick will get to be in the pit with Cruz, and it will be HIS name of the side of the Snap-on Toyota.

Cruz Pedregon– NHRA Southern Nationals Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA Southern Nationals

Pre-Race Report

After some promising testing results, Cruz Pedregon and team are heading to Atlanta. “The testing we just completed is going to pay off for us in Atlanta. I put down a career best time earlier this week with the changes we made, so we’re excited to see what car will do for us in the weekend ahead,” said Cruz. “We pushed the Snap-on on Toyota during the 4-wide and made some adjustments, but knew testing would offer up some good information before we took on the Atlanta Dragway,” said Pedregon.

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’re really proud of what we got out the testing Monday, and we’re confident it’s going to be valuable for Atlanta and beyond. The weather is something we’re watching closely, since it’s supposed to be quite a bit cooler in Georgia. Come out to the track or watch the NHRA race coverage on FOX, because we’re expecting big things from Cruz and the car.”

On the Side of Cruz’s Car – Atlanta

Local Snap-on Franchisee Anthony Christ is this week’s Nitro Franchisee. Celebrating two years as a Snap-on franchisee, Anthony is a previous mastertech who was looking for the perfect career opportunity. The advances in tools and technology really intrigued him, and he found out more about the business from his own Snap-on franchisee. He’s a racing fan, and will be at the track this weekend. But when he’s not working or watching racing, you’ll find him enjoying the great outdoors.

Cruz Pedregon Charlotte Advance

NHRA® Team Report

NHRA 4-Wide Nationals – Charlotte

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team are headed to the Charlotte NHRA 4-Wide Nationals energized after the best weekend of the season for the team and a new career-best 3.897-second pass.

“It’s taking time for things to come together during the early part of the season, but our hard work is starting to pay off,” said Pedregon. “Charlotte will be race number six for this collective team, and we knew early on it would take five or six races to get things moving in our direction. We’re feeling really confident about the way things are going.”

Crew Chief Aaron Brooks says, “We’re ready to be in one of the top spots again this weekend, because it sure felt good in Houston. We think the 4-Wide is a race everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime, and we plan to be part of the good things happening for fans to see Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the track in Charlotte.”

“Charlotte’s been a winner for us before, and we ran a 3.9 there last year, so watch for big things to come from the Snap-on Toyota,” Cruz says.

On the Side of Cruz’s Car – Charlotte

Local Snap-on Franchisee Dwayne Shivers is this week’s Nitro Franchisee. Dwayne’s been working hard as a Snap-on franchisee for the past nine years, but on weekends, he’s driving something other than his Snap-on mobile store. Dwayne is a “die hard” racing fan who has been bracket racing in the point series at his nearby track for almost 25 years. He’ll be here with customers and friends and taking pictures with Cruz in the pits.