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Brianna Blintzler Had a Great Weekend!

Thanks to Tyler Caheely, Brianna’s car ran in the 4.31’s all five passes down the track!  4.313 / 4.316 / 4.319 / 4.319 / 4.315
Yesterday, Brianna ran three classes in three different cars with three different lights and, good or bad, cut two perfect lights!  First pass in her Jr. Comp car on a 5/10th Pro tree and the first pass in her Bracket car on a 5/10th Sportsman tree.

Brianna wins Jr. Comp at Top Gun, Fallon NV

Brianna was back in “Bessie” for the Divisional on Sunday.  “Suzie’s” weight to horsepower and gearing ratio wasn’t good enough to run the number in the altitude at Top Gun.  Special “THANKS” to Tim Ruckman for bringing “Bessie” out for Evan Wilson to license in for Jr. Comp!
Brianna raced Ashlyn Rice in the Final.  Ashlyn was number 1 qualifier and Brianna was number 4 qualifier.  Both girls ran 6.969!  Ashlyn was -.021 red and Brianna was .036 green.  Great race!  
Brianna raced Ashlyn in the Saturday night Gambler Final.  Both girls broke out!  Ashlyn won with a lesser break out!

Brianna Leigh Blintzler Crosses Over

Just wanted to let you know Brianna made her cross over passes in the Jr. Comp car for her Quarter Mile License on Saturday at Speedworld!
Pass #1  /  Moderate Pass  —  11.1458 @ 117.22 mph
Pass #2  /  Full Pass  —  9.7287 @ 135.24 mph
Pass #3  /  Full Pass  —  9.7309 @ 134.33 mph
The air temps were in the mid 40’s to mid 50’s.  The track was mediocre at best.  Brianna ended up manually shifting the car because of the track conditions.