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Boss Bird–Pontiac Nationals

We took the car to the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH. This is the largest marquee event held at that track…completely fills the pits on both sides of the track. We have the only nitro car at that event and spend A LOT of time talking to folks who wanted to see the car up close. There is a big interest in knowing what aftermarket parts and products can survive in a 2500+ horsepower real Pontiac. We ran a couple of low-6 second passes and didn’t hurt any bearings. Recall from our last update the we had started preheating the 70-wt oil to 120 degrees and it has finally given us the amount of oil flow to keep this thing alive. Continue reading Boss Bird–Pontiac Nationals

Boss Bird update Fall 2017

We took the Boss Bird to the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals in Norwalk, OH for the weekend of August 5-6. We had a bit more power dialed-in and took to the track on Saturday. Unfortunately track conditions weren’t ideal (street tired cars ran ahead of us, putting hard rubber on the track) and the car made a hard turn sideways right after the launch. Back in the pits, we found some engine damage due to a clogged oil passage….so it was probably good that we didn’t make a full hard pass. Saturday evening (pictured below) turned into a late night engine rebuilding thrash, complete with carryout pizza at the track for dinner. Since it’s the only nitro car at that event, we draw a lot of attention from folks who are interested in the inner workings of our engine. Continue reading Boss Bird update Fall 2017

Boss Bird Update

Last week was busy. Wednesday evening had us at Sinclair Community College; doing a presentation to the Engine Mechanical class and the High Performance Fuel System class.
We talked about the ins and outs of running a nitro funny car and the components that go into our unique Pontiac engine.
We also displayed data plots on the projection screen and walked the students thru evaluating the information.

Thursday was our trip to Kil Kare Dragway for their Night of Fire race. We were lined up next to Barrie Young’s “Down Under Thunder” funny car. Video link attached below.
A few broken valvetrain parts (and not much time between rounds) ended the evening for us; but not before signing autographs for a mob of families and kids.