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4Turbo Update

On 3rd and 4th August 2013 another two combined rounds of Polish Hill-Climb Championship and Slovakian Hill-Championship took place. The race was run on extremely technical and demanding course from Slovakian village of Uchrovec to peak of Jankov Vŕšok.  It happened in extreme heat with temperatures reaching 39.8 Celsius in shade. 4Turbo brought to this race new evolution of our Subaru Impreza race car with new parts in areas of oil system, turbocharging, cooling and gearshift system. As usual progress has been made with electronics programming as well. All that was extremely difficult due to very tight race calendar restrictions and you can see signs of tear and wear on team members visible in the picture gallery. Still as a result of all the hard work the car was even faster and 100% reliable. During first day team’s driver Tomasz Nagórski concentrated on finding his optimal pace and winning overall classification. On Sunday improving Tomasz’s own course record from last year (01:54,104) was main concern. In the end the new course record for closed car is 1:52,432. Next race weekend is in only 2 weeks and the team is working very hard to prepare for this one.

A Very Good Year for 4Turbo

2012 hill-climb season is finished in Poland. It has been a story of achievement for 4Turbo Team , Tomasz Nagórski and the Subaru Impreza race car. We have begun the season starting from round 3 with plans for only 2 race weekends and driver hoping to have some fun. Neither resources were gather nor preparations were made for whole season title contending run. After first of the two race weekends in Jahodna in Slovakia we had course record (for touring cars), and healthy Championship lead. The story repeated in Limanowa, so the decision was made to continue. Over the next race weekends Subaru driven by Tomasz was each time the fastest car ever on each route. Even though we missed another two rounds Tomasz secured the title for himself with healthy lead. Situation was comfortable enough to resign from running in the last round, which let our customer team beat the course record for the last round in Załuż. During the course of this season Tomasz and the team not only secured overall championship title in Poland, but taking advantage of combined rounds also won several class titles in Slovakian and FIA CEZ series.  We would like to thank all our partners, especially those that helped with technology and resources for the car. We also thank to all those that tracked our progress through the season. We look forward to future even bigger challenges and successes.

4Turbo–XI and XII Round Update

As promised this is the penultimate update of the season for 4Turbo’s  effort in racing this year. This weekend was an extreme effort by the whole  team. This weekend’s racing took place in Banovce nad Bebravou in Slovakia, and it was two combined rounds of Slovak and Polish Championships as well as FIA CEZ Hill-climb Trophy round. Of the XI round of national championship on Saturday and XII round  on Sunday, we only managed to compete in the latter one. The car developed serious engine problem during in-house shakedown on Thursday  and only due to extreme effort by the whole team new engine was prepared  for Sunday competition. Due to missing the Saturday it was extremely  steep learning curve for our driver as well as he only could run on the  course 4 times, of which the first one was in the rain. This was his first time ever on this course. Despite all this during Sunday round he managed to win overall classification in Polish,  Slovakian and FIA CEZ series and beat the course record by over 0,5  second.  Helped by this win Tomasz is still leading the drivers’  classification of the Polish championship by very healthy margin (31  points with 40 possible to get during last weekend) before final round  in mid September.

4Turbo Still Excelling!

I am pleased to announce another successful weekend by 4Turbo’s Subaru Impreza race car driven by Tomasz Nagórski. This weekend it was IXth and Xth round of Polish Hill-Climb Championship in Sienna. The shortest course of the season has very tricky mixture of very fast section in the beginning with very tight hairpin near the end, which combined with very much deteriorated road surface proved a challenge to many teams and car as the whole weekend was plagued with spectacular accidents and mechanical failures. We managed to win both race runs on Saturday beating the course record in the first of the by 1.159 seconds. Second day was less successful as broken driveshaft caused Tomasz to only limp the car to 4th overall. Still the lead in the championship is as big as before this weekend and prospects look good before two final weekends. Of these first will be international round in Banovce, Slovakia in two weeks.

4Turbo- Rounds VII and VIII Polish National Championship

This weekend there were VII and VIII rounds of Polish National Championship, this time not combined with any other series. There was some mixed weather on Saturday, which combined with very dangerous course convinced the team to skip a few practise runs. Even with very limited running our driver Tomasz Nagórski managed 2nd overall loosing only 0.06sec to the winner.

On the second day Sunday weather was better and Tomasz managed straight win of all the runs and beat the standing record for the course twice to arrive with impressive result better then previous one by over 2 seconds on this only 3 kilometre road.
The second win extended the lead in Polish National Championship and was followed by decision to continue this season and compete for the title.

Next round is in two weeks.

4Turbo–New Course Record!

Last weekend the Subaru Impreza prepared by 4Turbo and driven by Tomasz Nagórski won two rounds of Polish and Slovak national championship as well as FIA CEZ Hill Climb Challenge round, setting a new course record for the Limanowa hill-climb course.

Problem free running of the car is in no small way owed to superb technological partners and suppliers of 4Turbo, ARP being among them. For this longest round of the season under extremely hot ambient temperatures the car was running massive power and boost for 7 long straights on the course and only best products enabled the engine to run problem free in such conditions.

4Turbo at the FIA Hill-Climb Cup

This weekend 4Turbo took part in combined double round of FIA Hill-Climb Cup, FIA International Hill-Climb Challenge, as well Polish and Slovakian National Championships – Moris Cup Jahodna 2012. We have entered a Subaru Impreza driven by Tomasz Nagórski, who returned behind the wheel after a break of a whole year. The team managed to secure an overall win on the first day and was first in all classifications for closed cockpit cars on the second day being second behind F3000 car.  The driver was also awarded Moris Challenge Cup for the year.

The car was in 4Turbo livery bearing logos of major partners of the company including ARP logos.