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There’s Another Vizard to Pay Attention To-

If you spend any time around racing, you’re familiar with David Vizard, engine guru. 
This is in from him-
Just to let you know that my daughter Jacque will is down to race three cars this year at the drag strip. Firstly she has the seat of the #2 Car in Thad Cooks two car team for which she has built the 550 hp Nitrous fed 302. The car is a 1970 Boss 302 Back Halfed and running a Power Glide Trans. The second is also a Mustang (mine), a 1990 302 with a 5 speed and again powered by a 302 of about 550 hp. Lastly she will be doing the piloting of Doug Herbert’s 565 inch 1200 hp gas dragster. This season – her  first officially racing but hardly the first down the strip, will be on 1/8 mile tracks local to Charlotte NC.

We’re anxious to see how this one turns out!