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Ven Racing Update

Steve from Ven Racing on the DME bike is on a flyer at the moment in May we won the Main Event meeting at Santa pod and reset the European ET record at 6.92 seconds and reset the track record for mph at 214mph And then in June at the summer nationals we reset both ACU British records with 6.92 second 1/4 mile and 211 mph, but also reset the track mph record again at 215 mph . Hopefully we can now go to Hockenheim which has never been a lucky place for me and be the first to run a 6 second pass there.

Ven Racing–Festival of Power, Santa Pod 25th-27th March.

Festival of Power, Santa Pod 25th-27th March.

Our first ACU race meeting of the year saw us at Santa Pod on a sunny Friday with not a cloud in the sky and a slight cross wind.
Over the winter period we changed over from the ice coolant system to the co2 spray bar charge cooler which reduced the bikes
weight by 27lbs, also we added a DME rear facing exhaust system to the bike instead of the side exit system which we believe was
turning the bike left at the top end Continue reading Ven Racing–Festival of Power, Santa Pod 25th-27th March.

Ven Racing–European Finals, Santa Pod 4th – 6th September

European Finals, Santa Pod 4th – 6th September

After struggling with engine problems and failures this season we decided to sit the European round at Hockenheim out and concentrate on getting engines rebuilt and solving the issues we have had ahead of the euro finals. I was also waiting for a new full auto engine from DME Racing to arrive.

We both were booked in for the pre race test day, Jemma managed 2 passes in the mid 7s, the bike sounded great and the data showed it was running clean. I did 1 pass in the 7.3s and again everything seemed good but then rain stopped anymore testing. Continue reading Ven Racing–European Finals, Santa Pod 4th – 6th September

Ven Racing Update

After testing both bikes on Thursday we still had launching
issues with Jemmas but were happier with Steves now we had a
good base setting.
Saturday saw qualifying kick off with Steve at no1 qualifier
with a 7.18 @ 205mph, his run against Gary Bowe was the
first side by side run in the teens. Jemma struggled to
launch her bike and sat at no12 with an 8.3. Qualifier 2
and Jemma was pulled straight through the lights due to a
clutch issue so no time came up, Steve didn’t better his
previous time and dropped to no2 but backed up his previous
time to set a new European record. Continue reading Ven Racing Update