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Stotz Racing–One Hell of a Season

One Hell of a Season

The last race report told of us setting the 1/8th mile record. Well we did it again at the Battle Royale! Stotz Racing now owns the best 330, 660, and 1000 ft times. The quarter-mile mark is still the ultimate goal and we repeated our 6.77 but got rained out and had to finish the battle in Rockingham, NC. We marched our way to another final but Frankie cut the tree a little too close and turned on the red light. Continue reading Stotz Racing–One Hell of a Season

Stotz Racing Official Press Release 6/19/17

Stotz Racing Official Press Release

June 19, 2017

King of the Streets Report
Frankie finally got the release from the doctors May 21 to go back racing after that elbow crushing accident last August. The brace that supports the elbow came in June 1 and we were at the track June 3 testing. Both Frank and the bike performed very well. Many thanks go out to the doctors and dedicated rehab people who may not understand us motorcycle racing enthusiasts but still did everything possible to get Frank back racing quickly. Continue reading Stotz Racing Official Press Release 6/19/17

Stotz Racing : NHDRO / KOTS Report

Stotz Racing : NHDRO / KOTS Report

The St. Louis NHDRO race was very hot and that usually means slippery but by Sunday there was record-setting traction. We finally got a hold of the methanol motor with the higher compression JE Pistons, Milleniums cylinder prep, Microblues coatings, and new Billet compressor wheel from Andy at Great Lakes RaceCraft. We went record bests to the 330 and 1/8th mile but the mph had still not improved as we think it should. We qualified fourth and were marching through eliminations when unfortunately we broke a crank, ending our race weekend prematurely. Steve Nichols from Dyno Dynamics was in St. Louis to help us with the new Back to The Future Grudge bike with all new Airtech Bodywork and designed by Steve at Xtreme Graphics. We’ve shown the best numbers to date for that bike also with the Weapon X Coils now lighting the fire. Well, not shown. Your not supposed to let your ET be shown on the scoreboard. That’s the whole intrigue of grudge racing. The fans only see the win light but can’t see how damn fast these no rules Grudge bikes are going. Let’s just say close to record-setting, but not there yet. Now off to KOTS! Continue reading Stotz Racing : NHDRO / KOTS Report

Stotz Racing–Update

The NHDRO Nationals May 13-15 were in Indy at Lucas Oil Raceway. Our first race of the season and the weather was forecast for 48 on Saturday and 54 on Sunday. Indy is a great track but at 50° it’s usually hard to stay hooked past the 1/8th mile. This could work in our favor as cold weather is good for horsepower but tricky on traction. We set the bike up safe and Bud on a Busa went a 6.92, Frankie on our CBR100rr went 6.93 and Justin on a Busa went a 6.94 with the current record of 6.84 still standing. Then Mark Paquette went 6.77 in the first round of eliminations to blow the record away. Mark took Frankie out in the next round, Bud in the Semi-final and won the race. Continue reading Stotz Racing–Update

Stotz Racing–Ready for a Fresh Start in 2016

Ready for a Fresh Start in 2016

With 2015 coming to an end, the fresh start of 2016 is here. We spent the weekend with Steve and Allen of Dyno Dynamics promoting the new Dynotech line back in December. That show is must see to learn new ways to win in 2016. The R&D things we tried last season will ultimately give us the winning edge for this new season.

For 2016 not only are we running ProStreet but we are also getting ourselves into the Grudge scene. We entered a grudge event at the end of last year and saw great promise for the Grudge bike we are building today. The ProStreet bike currently known as old red will benefit from all of the R&D and also get new bodywork and new paint. As far as our Grudge bike goes we are completely tearing down our blue R&D bike and starting from the bottom up to build the baddest 1K flat slick bike in the world.

There has been a lot of buzz about us coming out with a grudge bike. The crowd knows how fast we have been in ProStreet now take any rules away and it’s pretty much ” Run what you Brung” and may the Baddest team win. We are hoping to get our grudge bike done in the next month with enough time to go down south testing before our first race in April. With that said it’s hard to express how excited we are for this next upcoming season of ProStreet and in our new adventure of Grudge Racing.

Throughout the 2015 race season we had Al Crayton from MDRA follow us to around and get a behind the look at what it takes to run Prostreet and grudge at the top level. We have clips from us racing at Indy, testing up at our local track, and finally entering our first grudge event posted on our YouTube channel with 11 episodes to choose from. We look forward to the 2016 season and our continued partnership with Al Crayton for the 2016 season.

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks; American Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, Rock Solid Mfg, Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, JE Pistons, MicroBlue Racing, BST Wheels by Brock, Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals, Air-Tech Streamlining, Millennium Technologies,, Robinson Industries, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, TIAL Sport, DME Racing, Sikora Precision, Dyno Dynamics, and Speed and Strength.

Stotz Racing 2015 Season Report

Stotz Racing Official Press Release

December 08, 2015

2015 Season Report

This season we tested a new turbo system, new ECU and switched from race gasoline to Methanol. We did not plan to make 3 major changes (turbo, ECU, fuel) in one year. The Turbo and ECU were started before the 2014 season ended in an attempt to get us more horsepower. The fuel rule change allowing Methanol came after we were committed to the turbo and ECU projects. We found a significant power gain with the Methanol but it took us a while to harness the extra torque. The NHDRO season Finals, Sept. 25-27 at Indy saw us still in test mode with the methanol fuel and we finished out of the top 3 for the first time in 20 years.

Many of our performance gains over the years have been negated by rules changes pushed forward by the growing number of Turbo Busa’a in ProStreet, now about 95% of the class. Anything other than a Turbo Busa is like fighting City Hall. We have beat City Hall many times and won 2 National Championships on our Turbo Honda’s. Now the Grudge Class has gained tremendous popularity and is basically a no rules, baddest man wins class. Kurt from Sikora Precision was in Valdosta showcasing his Chassis while crewing for us and we are now in the process of making one of our ProStreet bikes into a Grudge bike. We tested our ProStreet bike with a Slick (allowed in Grudge) and even with the limited wheelbase of our ProStreet swingarm went quicker than we have ever gone before. Bill from Robinson Transmissions said he can make a 123 auto for us (allowed in Grudge). JE Pistons can make a slipper style piston kit to fit the new Falicon Stroker Crank and Rods. Millenium Technologies can make the bore .5 mm wider and still have just enough room for the Pro Honda Genuine Parts stock head gasket to keep it sealed. Of course all this will raise the horsepower even more but the MicroBlue friction fighting process and the Honda Pro Oils HP4 20-50 will help it live. Airtech Streamlining is making the new bodywork more aerodynamic and lighter. With most of the major changes tests completed, Stotz Racing is now looking forward to next years race season with our eyes firmly on the prize.

Stotz Racing–Mid Season Report

Stotz Racing Official Press Release

September 10, 2015

Mid-Season Report

With three quarters of the season over we are still charging forward while battling tricky race weather conditions. On our last race report we made it to the finals but fell short. With us being the smallest motor in the class we are pushing the breaking point of every component that makes this bike run. Innovation is the key to the next step. With that being said we are on the verge of converting all our bikes to running on alcohol. We have completed our first ever grudge bike which we have been out testing and have been getting amazing feedback from the new ECU and the fact that it runs on alcohol which we can apply to the Prostreet bike for the new rules this season. Continue reading Stotz Racing–Mid Season Report

Stotz Racing–Rain Dampens Track but not Spirits

The Man Cup Motec Spring Nationals started out fantastic. Frankie and I went down a week early to visit my daughter Jacqui and her new fiance Jeff. Their new home was very comfortable and Jeff offered me space in his garage to finish the over the winter updates to our tried and true Red, White, and Blue CBR1000rr. The changes proved worthy of all of the time. In testing we recorded the quickest consistent times of 1.16 in the 60′ and 3.04 to the 330′. This was going to be a great weekend! Mother nature had other plans as we dodged rain drops until mid day Sunday when it was decided that it would not be possible to get the race done.

We are going to Dyno Dynamics next week with the new bike and the new for 2015 methanol motor. These changes proved to be much more than just changing the fuel in the tank and upgrading the Fuel Lab system. We decided on new higher compression JE Pistons, Star modified the head for the larger volume of fuel and air, Falicon made the 3mm stroker crank, Millenium prepared the new dry block cases, and Robinson ProCut a new trans for the all new motor. We could not have done all this without the tremendous effort of our two new sponsors. TIAL Sport made a complete new turbo system with integrated wastegate, cast header, cool scoop and more! My friend Kurt Sikora from days gone by has been back into racing and has been invaluable with Sikora Precision’s fabrication of so many of the parts on the new bike and many on the old bike. Microblue Racing coated everything that rotates and Honda is back again with Pro Honda Oils and Chemicals keeping the metal parts coated with the HP4 20-50 racing oil. Mark Harrel of will provide his dyno and time as Steve Nichols of Dyno Dynamics works his magic on the tuning. Stay tuned for the next race report after the upcoming NHDRO Spring opener at Indy on May 15-17th.

Stotz Racing–A Long Time Coming

The first race of the year we ran 6.908 on the 6.905 record, and every race since we have run 6.90’s. This summer at the July Man Cup race we qualified #2 but developed a motor problem. We have been fast enough to win the races but reliability issues caused us to not be able to finish some races. This is particularly disturbing as for the past twenty years Stotz Racing has prided ourselves on working extremely hard to find horsepower in testing and and then making it reliable to use through the completion of a race. Continue reading Stotz Racing–A Long Time Coming

Stotz Racing–Raining Sixes in Indy

Frankie StotzOf all the
events going on during the weekend’s massive motorcycle festival in
Indianapolis IN, nothing—not MotoGP, not AMA Flat Track, not the XDL
stunt competition—attracted nearly as many competitive motorcycles as
the 684 entries at the NHDRO/Manufacturers Cup Pingel Thunder Nationals
at Lucas Oil Raceway. This wildly popular motorcycle drag racing event
saw many milestone performances on the beautifully prepped racing
surface at LOR. As the name implies, the Pingel Thunde Nationals
featured the kings of the sport—PR Factory Store Top Fuel. A solid four
bike field of 1500+ horsepower, supercharged, nitro methane burning Fuel
bikes put on a fabulous show when perennial champion Larry “Spiderman”
McBride ran 5.90s on Saturday. Last out on Saturday night, though, was
veteran Alabama racer Chris Hand and his Redneck Express. Hand skipped
right past the 5.90s to a 5.89 at 230 mph—good enough to beat McBride to
number one qualifier in a fair fight. Right at the hit of the throttle,
the bike threw a wall of header flame high into the sky and kept it lit
high and 4 cylinders wide. “I’ve never seen a flame that high,” said
McBride. Neither Hand nor McBride nailed the tune-up in the final, but
McBride was able to stay in the throttle longer to score the win.

In our
wildly popular McIntosh Machine & Fabrication/Orient Express Pro
Street class, we saw the huge turnout miss the all-time quickest field
mark by only .005 of a second. Everyone was trying to record the first
Six Second Streetbike pass in the NHDRO series. People were spinning,
1/2 track wheelies (160mph!) setting new personal best ET and MPH passes
all weekend trying to run The 6. After our recent win at the last NHDRO
race we had our cbr1000rr set on kill for another national win. We
qualified number three with a 7.02 @200 miles an hour, then 6s came
raining down on LOR in eliminations, with Frankie Stotz recording
NHDRO’s first ever 6 second street legal pass on his Honda CBR1000RR.
During the weekend Frankie was cutting consistent reaction times from
.020’s to an amazing .007. Heading into the semi finals, we were racing
DME Racing’s turbo Busa with Joey Gladstone riding. Frankie cut an
.015 light to Joey’s .025. For the first 1000 feet Frankie was ahead of
DME’s bike. Unfortunately the bike spun as it shifted into 5th and by
1320 feet (1/4 mile), Joey just passed Frankie for the win. Our next
race is the Finals for NHDRO September 27-29. We are number 2 going in
and hoping to finish the season with another Championship.

Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American
Honda, BST Wheels by Brock, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing,
MicroBlue Racing, JE Pistons, Rock Solid Mfg, Air-Tech Streamlining,, Millennium Technologies, Mickey Thompson by PR
Factory Store, Cycletek, WorldWide Bearings, Shorai Battery, Win Racing,
ARP, Portable Shade,, Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, and
back again is Joe Rocket thankfully protecting Frankies little body.

Stotz Racing–An Almost Cinderella Weekend

It is cold here in Chicago as we pack up and head to Valdosta, GA for the Nov. 9-11 Manufacturers Cup World Finals. Right off the bat, first qualifying session, Frankie runs a 6.99 at over 200 mph to set the standard for the weekend. There will be three more six second passes by the time a Pro Street Champion has been crowned. A very close battle for the points is at stake. Bud Yoder is #1, Joey Gladstone #2 and Frankie Stotz is #3. Our Cinderella story means we need a little luck, good luck, not the stuff we had in Indy. Lady luck graced us in the second round when the #1+2 points leaders got eliminated in the second round. This put us #2 in points but we would have to win the race to win the Championship. The semi-final put Ryan Schnitz with a 7.07 to Frankie’s quicker 7.04. We earned lane choice. Both lanes had been very good all weekend so we stayed in the right lane. Just before us went the newly crowned MiRock Champion Rodney Williford and he laid down a 6.95! The track was great but then I noticed he had left some oil on the track. We wiped up what we saw in the first 30 feet and I decided to line Frankie up to the left of the possible oil on the track. The track temp was dropping fast and if we waited for a track clean up the track would most certainly not hold the 6.99 I had tuned for. Frankie and Ryan both had fantastic reaction times .017 and .016. Frankie had a 1.20 sixty foot time to Ryan’s 1.22 so we were ahead! Halfway thru 2nd gear the tire started spinning. Frankie pumped the throttle and tried to hook up again but Ryan was too far ahead. Whether it was oil or too far out of the grove or whatever, that’s racing. The final saw the track temp drop like we were afraid of. We were all waiting to see if Rodney could be the first Pro St
reet bike to dip into the 6.80 zone but the track was too cold and they both spun with Ryan Schnitz getting the win. Our Cinderella dream did not pan out but we finished the season #2 in points and as they say here in Chicago (for the Cubs anyway) Wait till next year!

In 2009 motorcycle drag racing looked very bleak when AMA Dragbike closed its doors. Now at the end of 2012 it is stronger than ever with a record 800 entries at the Indy and Valdosta events and fans in the stands again. We will be chasing two great Pro Street Champions in Bud Yoder for the Man Cup and Rodney Williford for the MiRock series in 2013. Our new cbr1000rr will be at the spring event and hopefully we can test it sometime before that. We can’t wait to get another shot at the first side by side Six Second run in Pro Street history.

Stotz Racing–Winning the Wally

Winning the Wally

We attended the 2Wheel Speed finals to try and win the NHRA Wally that Byron Dragway put up as it is now an NHRA sanctioned track. Saturday we qualified #1 and posted the quickest run of the day. After 5 rounds (2 qualifying- 3 elimination) the track was starting to lose a little bite. We overpowered the starting line and had to settle for runner-up. On Sunday the day to Win the Wally, there was 6 rounds of racing and the competition got tougher. We qualified #3 and aimed our efforts at not repeating the mistake of overpowering the track again. The track again posed problems of being loose from 100 feet to 500 feet. We honed our combination and in the final laid down the quickest ET of the event. Frankie did an excellent job of pedaling it when it spun in the 100-to 500 ft range but then went 196 mph out the back to win our second NHRA Wally.

We are trying to attend the KOTS (King of the Street) event on Oct 6th. It is a highly attended free for all style event that you have to see to believe. I road our bike at the spring event but had a cam sensor wire with reversed polarity. This caused the bike to have 26 degrees less timing and become very sluggish. The timing is correct now and Frankie will ride. No one is allowed to use the new hand-slider type clutches or any centrifical lock-up. It is all spring pressure trying to hold back 450 hp. This should prove to be an interesting race. If time, money, and a spare motor all come together we are trying to make the Shakedown at E-Town. I will keep you posted on our results.

Stotz Racing, home of the First 6 Second Turbo ProStreet Bike thanks American Honda, BST Wheels by Brock, Falicon Crankshaft Components, Star Racing, MicroBlue Racing, JE Pistons, Rock Solid Mfg, Air-Tech Streamlining,, Millennium Technologies, Mickey Thompson by PR Factory Store, Cycletek, WorldWide Bearings, Win Racing, ARP, Portable Shade,, and back again is Joe Rocket thankfully protecting Frankies little body.