Stotz Racing Update

When you start your season winning three out of four races that’s a pretty good sign of what’s to come. ​Some of the sites and posts showcasing our Honda’s are attached below.​ The surprise last minute request to have ​ProS​ treet ​ & Grudge​ bikes for the ​S​ treet ​O​ utlaws TV show really made ​us​ scramble but obviously winning it in front of 22,000 fans was well worth ​ our efforts​ . We got home Sunday night pulled the motor, I rebuilt it Monday and ​ ​ Tuesday and got both the ​ProS​ treet ​and Grudge​ bike ready for three weeks on the road starting in eight days.

The start of the regular season was at SGMP in Valdosta ​,​ Georgia for the ​M​ anufacture ​r​ ​s ​ ​C​ up ​C​ hampionship. We struggled a little ​in​ testing and then got back ​o​ n form. In Q2 ​we ​ broke 2nd gear. A motor swap in under an hour got us ​to ​ the starting line in time for the start of ​eliminations . We did not have time to swap clutches which would be normal protocol so I adjusted the clutch the same as the previous ​motors​ but it was too tight and pulled Frankie into a red light. Not the way we wanted to start the season in the ​M​ an ​C​ up ​ ​ but it’s a long season, and we ​were​ about to start ​on​ a dominant winning streak.

The following weekend ​s race in ​C​ommerce ​,​ Georgia for the season opener of the NHD ​RO​ ​ProS​ treet ​C​ hampionship went​ much ​, much​ better. We were low of every round of qualifying ​,​ qualifying number one. Then we were low of every round of eliminations and won the race running away. That’s what we prepared for all winter.

We finally traveled home ​,​ pull ​ed​ the motors from both bikes rebuil ​t ​ one Monday and ​the other on ​ Tuesday and got on the road Wednesday to be in Bowling Green Kentucky for the ​OSCR (O​ utlaw ​S​ treet ​ C ar ​R​ eunion ​)​ . ​This is another car racing organization with thousands of fans and a huge live streaming audience that recognizes the ProStreet bikes as a crowd favorite. ​ Th ​is race​ was a carbon copy of last weeks ​N​ HDR ​O race​ . We were ​low ET​ of every round ​, ​ ​ qualifying number one and went into eliminations in a dominant position. The whole schedule was pushed up because Sunday, rain was sure to come. There was 28 ProStreet bikes that showed up for a normal 16 bike field. OSCR decided to run the whole field making it five rounds of eliminations. We had a by ​e​ run in the first round so I tried something to possibly break the ​N​ ational ​R​ ecord. It didn’t work so we put it back to its dominant consistent set up and went right through eliminations all away to the final, again going low ET of every round and winning the race. We could not have done this without all the help from our sponsors ​,​ many of which were at the races. Dimey and the whole crew at DME, ​t​ he Dunnigans, ​and ​ the Con nl​ leys ​ ​ took us in their ​M​ anufactures ​M​ idway pits ​a​ nd ​n​ ot only helped us with parts but fed us and had a huge campfire with all the racing BS stories you could ever imagine. Steve Nichols our computer tech ​ tuner​ , finally had a close race as he lives in Lexington ​,​ Kentucky two hours away. Our program with Steve and the new MaxxECU ​i​ s the final piece in the puzzle of taking our bike from a​ top three contender to the dominance we are showing at the start of th ​is​ season. With Kurt of Sikora Percision machining anything we need, DME’s new Turbo system, and Steve behind the MaxxECU controls, our competition is in for a rough ride. This little Honda CBR1000 ​rr​ is cocked ​,​ locked ​,​ and ready for a ​season long ​ fight.

Four time AMA ProStreet Champions Stotz Racing, first 200mph record and first Turbo Pro-Street in the Sixes (6.98) thank American Honda,, Dyno Dynamics, Sikora Precision, DME Racing, Al Lamb’s Honda, Falicon Crankshaft Components, BST Wheels by Brock, Robinson Industries, DC V-Twin, JE Pistons, MicroBlue Racing, Air-Tech Streamlining, M2 Shocks, ARP, Win Racing, Millenium Technologies,​, and the newest

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