BIGFOOT Legend Jim Kramer Heads Towards Retirement

BIGFOOT Legend Jim Kramer
Heads Towards Retirement

May 31, 2016 (Pacific, MO) – Jim Kramer is not only a BIGFOOT® Legend, but a legend and pioneer for the whole sport of Monster Trucks. Bob Chandler often gets credited with starting the industry, but Jim Kramer was instrumental in moving the sport into what you see today – fast, high-flying, racing fun! And now an ERA is coming to an end – Jim is officially semi-retired.

Jim’s competitive nature, showmanship, and all-around natural ability helped him take the trucks’ performances from exhibitions only to a legitimate motorsports with serious Racing. In the early days of competitive Monster Truck Racing, Kramer had no equal! Not only could he wheel a truck like no other, but he could also beat you mentally – there were many races that were won by BIGFOOT just because Jim was behind the wheel. There could be stories, books, and movies written about Jim’s driving years with BIGFOOT. His career spanned over 30 years!

Jim’s driving, showmanship, and competitive nature are not even his best contributions to the sport – Jim was the embodiment of BIGFOOT’s R&D Program all through the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. Not only did he contribute heavily in the evolution of the Monster Trucks themselves, but he also helped build other legends. There is not one BIGFOOT driver (or even other Monster Truck driver, for that matter) who has not been helped in some way by Jim.

Jim trained “Hall of Fame” drivers Andy Brass and Gene Patterson, and probably even gave tips to fellow Hall of Famer Bob Chandler! Jim also worked with Ron Bachmann, Eric Tack, and Eric Meagher, just to name a few of BIGFOOT’s earlier star drivers. And today he still works regularly with future Hall of Famer Dan Runte. Jim has worked with so many different drivers, mechanics, crew, promoters, sponsors, and fans over the years, that his contributions to the sport just can’t be quantified! Often, his day-to-day help went beyond just driver training or mechanical and racing tips, to just getting his hands dirty “wrenching” on things.

There are SO MANY things that can be said about Jim and his career that there is just no way to mention even a quarter of his career. All that being said, probably the very best part about Jim is that he is just a normal, cheerful, great, loving guy! You would never know Jim was a “Legend,” and we are all fortunate to spend time with him – thankfully he is part of our family!

Jim is still working some in 2016 and doing various events, so, if you see him down the road, make sure you say “Hi” and thank him for all he has done for our sport for your entertainment!

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