RACE REPORT: Rad Dan Burkett 2020 (FINAL Rd. 7&8)

EVENT RECAP: Round 7 & 8 

Although there were no fans, it was surreal to traditionally close out the Formula Drift 2020 season at Irwindale Speedway AKA “The House Of Drift.” With Irwindale being a home track for Dan, he kept it RAD and rode the walls of Irwindale like a Pro on his very first lap out! The final round was full of flames, wall rides, wrecks and even flying car parts…we have a great YouTube video coming together that will cover it all! On Friday; Round 7, Dan made his way into another TOP 16. He drove his heart out but overshot the last outer zone preventing him from moving on. On Sunday; Round 8, like many of the other hard charging drifters, we had a mishap getting caught up in the tire marbles sending Dan into the wall just enough to cause repairable damage. Team RAD hustled and worked in unison getting the car back on track. Even with successful repairs, we had terrible luck running without a front bumper on a high speed track causing our already damaged hood to catch air and fly off the car, in Formula Drift it is an automatic incomplete if anything latchable comes undone. Of course, even a hood flying open didn’t phase Rad Dan’s determination to complete his run, he was able to close the season with an entertaining lap to say the least. What a season! We can’t thank each of you enough for sticking through this year and keeping this wild show on the road. Team RAD is looking forward to pushing that much further in 2021. We are glad to have you and your brands be part of all of it with us! The fans love it and can’t seem to get enough of what Dan has to share with them throughout this journey and the goals he has set with his team.